Monochrome printer

  • Print up to 24 pages per minute
  • Hi-Q LED print engine and EA Toner: high-end features at an affordable price

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The Phaser 3040 is no longer sold as new. You might like to consider the replacement product.

see Phaser™ 3260 

Phaser 3040 supplies 

Phaser 3040

Fast printing at your fingertips, the ultra-compact Phaser 3040 printer offers space-saving simplicity and dependability for individual users and small workteams.

Competitive Edge

  • High end printing with proven Hi-Q LED print engine. It’s the same breakthrough technology found in some of our higher-end graphic-art devices
  • Quieter and more energy efficient than competitive devices using laser technology
  • Xerox-exclusive EA Toner fuses at a much lower temperature than conventional toner for more energy savings. Plus, the toner particles are engineered to have uniform size and shape for superior line definition and sharper detail
  • Small footprint means you can place the Phaser 3040 printer wherever it’s most convenient

Print Performance Features

  • With a print resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, text and graphics add impressive visual impact to important print jobs
  • Unique Xerox EA Toner gives you superior line definition and sharper detail. It’s the same high-quality toner used in our professional graphic-arts color devices
  • Printing as fast as 24 ppm means you spend less time waiting at the device and more time with your customers
  • The value-packed Phaser 3040 printer means serious business, providing real-world print productivity and numerous standard features

Reliability and Ease-of-use Features

  • With its compact design, the Phaser 3040 printer fits easily on your desktop
  • Designed for durability, the Phaser 3040 handles heavy workloads of up to 30,000 pages per month
  • Easy installation and pre-loaded toner cartridges make this printer virtually plug-and-play
  • Simple supplies replacement via convenient side door access

Environmentally Responsible Features

  • The proven Hi-Q LED print engine enables the Phaser 3040 to be more energy efficient than competitive devices using laser technology
  • A small footprint allows for easy integration within your work space, whether on your desk or in a shared location
  • Extra-quiet operation to minimize impact on busy offices