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Product Reviews
Phaser 7800 2.8 5 18 18
OK... When (and if) you can get it to work We have been Xerox customers for years, and have never had such an awful product. I don't even know where to start with this thing. It is in general buggy, and nobody can fix it. It started out as not waking out of sleep mode without a power cycle. A tech did seem to fix that, then we had an issue where it was "shifting" the images on the pages on long print runs. That was supposedly fixed, although now it misaligns the images when duplexing landscape documents. We have the booklet finisher, and sometimes it stops stapling, just because it feels like it I guess. No reason, no jams, will just stop stapling, so we cancel all the print jobs, reprint, and its fine. It's new thing lately, is it will just stop printing, no reason, just stop. The display still says that the printer is printing, however, it is not. There are no jams, it's just frozen. Also, despite countless hours of color correction, and calibration using the provided color meter, I still feel that the prints are rather dark and over contrasty. We do have a pay-per-click program, thankfully, because it does seem to eat consumables, but fortunately not at out expense. We have had countless tech-calls and nobody can fix it, and in the event a tech does manage to fix something, it usually triggers many other problems. I can't wait until our lease is over so we can get rid of this thing. September 29, 2014
Do NOT Waste Your Money This is without a doubt the worst printer I have ever owned. After spending $5,000 on it it rarely works as it should. It's slow and jams constantly. In addition the toner cartridges are enormously expensive ($400+ each) and it runs through them amazingly fast. Absolute piece of junk. I'd give anything to be able to return it! June 25, 2014
excellent image quality i love this printer. terrific quality output. use it in a graphic arts classroom and the students love it. do learn to upgrade firmware yourself and save a service call. love it! February 4, 2014
Engine failure Well all my machine has said for the past year is ENGINE FAILURE and it pretty much sums it up this has cost me a fortune I am disgusted with the service and Xerox still won't return it and give me my money back. I should have stuck with my phaser 7760 never have I regretted a printer purchase so much. It has put my business in serious trouble due to lost revenue. As a small business owner and disabled person I look for machines that are reliable and easy to run but I should never have upgraded! October 17, 2013
Exactly what I needed I have owned this printer for nearly 9 months and LOVE. IT. It can be a pain dealing with drivers/firmware, and I have had a technician visit twice. But, once I learned how to update the firmware myself, I can troubleshoot many of the issues on my own (that and, I'm working on a PC, which is notorious for networking issues/driver issues.) I would give it 5 stars were it not for my frustration this week with reinstalling drivers. Easy fix, though. I print on mainly heavy cardstock (85-130lb cover) and have yet to replace a fuser- and currently my status checker shows I'm at 90% life remaining. I've printed nearly 19,000 prints, 17,000 of them being COLOR, and I've only replaced the color toner once, the black toner never. I have between 25%-40% toner currently left in my printer. Not bad! Being a sole proprietor business, making this purchase was a HUGE decision. I wish I would've purchased the machine a lot sooner- my profit margin has literally exploded! September 19, 2013
Unbelievably unreliable Don't waist your time and money on this printer. This is the last Xerox machine I will ever purchase. Never have I used a machine that breaks down so often. If it doesn't stop due to a paper jam, it just stops all together with no error or reason and will fail to operate without hard restarting the machine multiple times. As other commenters have stated, this machine becomes unusable on a daily bases and has been worked on by a number of technicians, none of whom have been able to resolve these problems. September 17, 2013
What's all the complaining about?!?!?! Ignore the negative reviews! Unfortunately customers are much more likely to write reviews when they are unhappy than when they have nothing to complain about. Xerox do not actively ask for customers to write reviews so only the upset people set on getting their voices heard are likely to write reviews. Now I know from experience that the Phaser 7800 is an excellent machine. As for the cost per page, if you're in the UK go onto PagePack if you don't want to buy the consumables. You'll save a packet if you're printing lots of graphic documents. Cheers, Nick August 22, 2013
Great color, terrible reliability We have used Xerox printers in our graphics labs for over 15 years and they always worked great. We upgraded to this 7800 from a 7760 and had nothing but problems. It requires daily technical support to keep operational. It doesn't jam it just stops printing and states it needs a reboot. Several technicians have looked at it and no one can fix it. July 2, 2013
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