Phaser™ 7760 Security Information

Xerox Security Bulletin XRX12-003 v1.1 (PDF 185.5K)
March 07, 2012
NOTE: We are re-issuing this bulletin due to a spelling error of the name of one of the researchers. No technical content in the bulletin has changed.

Vulnerabilities exist that, if exploited, could allow remote attackers to insert arbitrary code into the device. This could occur with a specifically crafted Postscript or firmware job submitted to the device. If successful, an attacker could make unauthorized changes to the system configuration; however, customer and user passwords are not exposed.

As part of Xerox’s on-going efforts to protect customers, the ability to accept these specially crafted jobs can be disabled for the affected products listed in the bulletin. Links for the software needed are contained inside the bulletin.

Internal Hard Drive File Security for Phaser Printer Models (PDF 1.3M)
June 23, 2010
This document details the types of data stored on the internal hard disk and describes how to use both the Secure File Overwrite feature and the Automatic File Deletion feature. It also contains instructions on setting security features. This document applies to a variety of Phaser models. For a complete list, see inside the document.

Phaser 7760 Statement Of Volatility (PDF 253.5K)
November 17, 2008

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