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Competitive Edge

  • Lower acquisition price compared to the HP 9500
  • High speed desktop color laser printer, 23% faster than the HP 9500
  • First print out time of 11 seconds in color is faster than all other competitive products
  • Handles widest media weight ranges, feeding up to 220 gsm paper (255 gsm on EX7750)
  • Next generation Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Higher Gloss Toner is grown utilizing a patented process, resulting in better image quality and a uniform finish that's free from shiny spots or oil streaks

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  • Xerox has the most experience with single pass printers in the industry, allowing us to optimize other features while the competition struggles to catch up

Features that Reduce Printing Costs

  • EA toner that results in a longer fuser life and less waste giving you better reliability and a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the machine
  • High-quality colour printed in-house rather than spending resources at print shops
  • High-capacity toner decreases cost per print and increases uptime
  • Colour Standards with PANTONE approved solid-colour simulations, means you get accurate colours consistently
  • Usage Analysis Tool and Job accounting, allows you to monitor usage of device and control costs

Features that Save Time

  • Fast page out time of less than 11 seconds, reduces wait time at the printer. Most documents are fewer than 5 pages so how fast the first page is delivered is a key indicator of printer performance.
  • Embedded Web Server, so you can monitor the device from your desk, without having to walk over to the device
  • A speedy up to 35 ppm for quick outputs with lightning fast RIP speeds for complex jobs, so you don't have to wait at the printer to pick up your output

Features that Ensure the Highest Colour Quality

  • 600 dpi standard printing results in excellent image quality, that is consistent page after colorful page
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi Enhanced Mode printing on all models produces incredible vibrant, accurate colour and fine line detail
  • Single-pass print system improves registration over previous models
  • In-line Colour and Registration Calibration ensures consistent, accurate colour on every page
  • True Fiery Workflow for creating, managing and producing outstanding color on the Phaser EX7750

Features that Simplify Printing

  • Auto 2-sided printing allows you to print on both sides of the paper without reloading sheets
  • Smart Tray Selection allows you to confirm that the correct paper is loaded in the printer before sending the job
  • Separation pages allows you to separate print jobs with blank sheets, making it easier to see where one job ends and the next begins
  • Collation allows you to print multiple copies of multiple-page documents in the correct numerical sequence
  • Job Offset simplifies sorting through print jobs by separating each job or collated set from the previous, and staggering them in the output tray
  • Watermarks provide the ability to print text, such as "Draft" or "Confidential," in the background of every page of a document
  • Job Pipelining allows the printer to process multiple jobs at the same time
  • Job Completion Notification will notify you when your job has been successfully completed
  • Enhanced Front panel designed with 6 buttons that are intuitive and easy to navigate

Software Solutions - Phaser 7750
Digitize . . . Organize . . . Distribute . . . Collaborate

With digital documents, you can easily create, search, re-use, and build upon your documents. Maximize your hardware investments with innovative software solutions from Xerox and Xerox Business Partners:
  • Contain costs
  • Share knowledge
  • Accelerate workflow
  • Integrate paper and electronic documents
  • Manage and distribute documents effectively
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