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Color laser printer

  • Prints 2400 x 1200 dpi and up to 47 color pages/minute
  • Color touch screen with embedded help videos for easy troubleshooting

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Phaser 6700

Product Reviews
Phaser 6700 2.5 5 10 10
Printing in under 20 minutes from delivery All good, no issues, runs fast, quiet, duplex no issues. Touch screen color LCD is a nice touch. Printed our 80 page color docs duplex, quickly. We upgraded from 6360. everything about the 6700 is better. Speed, quality, ease of use, and noise level, (and hopefully cost per page) . November 29, 2011
Unreliable Printer That Produces Sub-par Prints Expect lots of issues and yellow dot patterns on every printout. From day one, the printer has randomly crashed with a "Printer is shutting down" notice and then it restarts itself. Once logged in as Admin it occasionally will not let you log back out, it gets permanently stuck logged in--major security issue here. Only solution offered is to power cycle the printer and wait 1-2 minutes for it to start up again. Field tech has been out numerous times and replaced developers, computer boards, maintenance kits, fusers--nearly every part has been replaced all with no success. Printer still crashes. Printer still gets stuck logged in as admin. Printer still has print quality problems. Second Level Tech logged in and worked on the printer, upgraded the firmware, but all problems remained and have been getting worse--more frequent "Printer is shutting down" reboots. Print Quality Issues: There is a very visible ghosting/shadow effect under every bold color if printed on a light color background. The top and sides of the bold object are great, but the bottom of anything printed with a bold color on a light colored background you will see visible ghosting/shadow effect beneath the object. Be Warned: This printer prints visible, repeating yellow dot patterns in a checker-board pattern all over every printout. The higher the quality, heavier the stock, or glossier the material the more visible the yellow dot patterns will be. This dot pattern appears to be very intentional and ruins everything printed. This printer is probably good enough for basic office use where only inexpensive copy is the only print medium used. November 4, 2014
Very Unreliable I have 4 of these printers and all are extremely unreliable. At least twice a day, each printer freezes with an error about an "Engine Fan Failure". A power cycle gets it running again for a few hours. Xerox has worked on each machine multiple times and nothing has ever corrected the problem. September 9, 2014
How many imaging units can go out in a single year??? I work for a municipality and purchased this unit for our court in November of 2012. By May of 2013 the original unit had gone through three yellow imaging units (repaired by Xerox each time under warranty). When it went out for the third time, we asked Xerox for a replacement. They sent us a refurb and now four months later, the yellow imaging unit has gone out again. Once the warranty is up, we will be stuck with a paper weight as the imaging unit is in the $350 range and I refuse to waste any additional tax payer money on this junk. This printer shoots out 3500-4200 pages a month. All jobs are text only, no pictures other than city/court logos. We were heading to become a Xerox shop after HP lowered their quality (unless of course you want to spend $3K on a color printer). Now it appears Xerox has followed suit. Maybe we'll just start leasing wherever possible which will probably save us money in the long run. I'm not expecting a $1000 printer to last ten years like the HP's of old, but less than a year???? C'mon Xerox. You're better than that. September 30, 2013
With some restrictions, this product is good enough, but I had problems from the beginning. I have some problems with this printer 1. Additional tray was broken, but Xerox changed it very fast 2. Images came out blurry after one month of using and I had to call technician to fix it. Xerox response was fast and efficient. Then everything went good. 3. Control panel is a little complicated for regular user. 4. I like idea of dividing imaging unit by colors May 21, 2013
Overall poor quality This printer frequently jams in tray one. Ink deposits into paper tray. Earlier versions (6200, 6360) offered easier use, more options and better quality color. So disappointed that our school won't order a Xerox printer again. March 15, 2013
VERY POOR QUALITY Be very careful when buying this printer.The fuser has a roller made out of paper. The smallest paperjam causes the roller to rip and a new fuser has to be ordered. January 28, 2013
Phaser 6700 The display on the Phaser 6700 is well thought out and easy to use. Print quality is very good on the Phaser 6700, once you have made a bunch of adjustments. However, I am extremely disappointed in the noisiness and loud sound coming from the printer. I vowed to never buy an HP printer again, but I am somewhat disappointed in the overall build quality and continued cycling of the Phaser 6700 when running. I expected more from a Xerox product. November 29, 2012
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