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  • Smart Color Laser
  • Value Packed and Loaded for Business
  • Outstanding Workgroup Performance
  • Images of success
  • Color ControlMade Easy
  • PhaserLinkTM Provides Easy Access to Your Printer's Information
  • Convenient Color Copying
  • The Color Printer Experts
  • Tektronix support - the industry standard
  • Made for Each Other
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  • Laser Technology

    Smart Color Laser

    When your workgroup demands high-velocity, in-your-face laser color, there's no contest. The Phaser 560 Color Laser Printer from Tektronix sets the standard in value-packed color laser printing. Photographic quality color that leaps off the page. Laser performance at breakthrough speeds. Office smart know-how that takes the hassle out of printing.
    We took the best of the best of our award-winning color printer technology and created the Phaser 560 printer. An exceptional color laser printer that consistently delivers on its promises of extraordinary color, high performance, and affordability. Built and backed by Tektronix-the experts in workgroup color printing.

    Value Packed and Loaded for Business

    The Phaser 560 printer gives you top print speed and full-page color coverage-together in a single, high-performance solution. Laser quality you can rely on. Maximum throughput that rivals monochrome printers. Fully optimized for both color and black-and-white print runs.

    Exactly what you expect from laser technology-and more! The 33 MHz RISC controller delivers genuine Adobe® PostScript® image processing and print speeds of up to 5 ppm for color and 14 ppm for black-and-white. And, four independent feeders let you autoselect from a variety of pre-stocked media types.

    TekColorTM Automatic Color Correction
    Job Pipelining maximizes performance by processing the next page(s) while the current page is printing Pages fly through automatically, 14 ppm monochrome and 5 ppm color, - even mixed color/black-and-white documents To ensure high-quality prints, the color of each element on each page is adjusted automatically

    Workgroup Diagram

    Outstanding Workgroup Performance

    Now it's easy to take the hassle out of printing. The Phaser 560 printer is ready when you-and the rest of your workgroup-are. With twice the toner capacity of a standard color laser and an input capacity of 850 sheets of paper, the Phaser 560 printer breezes through large print runs. And PhaserLinkTM technology combined with your web browser makes print administration a snap. Easy to read "gas gauges" make it easy to see when you need to replace consumables-and avoid delays during mission-critical runs. For maximum flexibility, add the Phaser Copystation option and turn your Phaser 560 printer into a quick and convenient color copier.

    Check Print
    Toner Cartridge
    "gas gauges"
    Before you print an entire run, check a single print to make sure you're on-target Check the toner supply from the front panel or directly from your web browser Pages are stored in printer memory and sets are printed in page order
    Four Separate
    Input Options
    Printer Management
    Made Easy
    Print up to 850 pages without adding paper - or keep laser, letterhead, legal, and transparencies online simultaneously Using a standard web browser, view printer status, adjust printer configuration, view consumable information, and link to online documentation Tektronix' innovative toner cartridge design delivers twice the capacity of standard color laser printers

    Images of Success

    Bold, rich, and powerful. All the punch you need to deliver a full range of extraordinary communications. The single solution for printing brilliantly vibrant color and monochrome documents-no matter what the application.

    At true 1200 dpi, the Phaser 560 printer produces high-quality, highly affordable color laser prints with incredible photographic quality. Every job. Every time. TekColorTM Automatic Color Correction automatically chooses the best color and the best print speed for your run-page by page. No more guesswork. No more trial and error. Standard office bond, glossy stock, labels, transparencies, card/cover stock, single- or double-sided-even t-shirt transfers-your projects are always bright, crisp, and clear. Count on it.

    Very, Very
    Low, Low
    Simple Duplex
    Vibrant color on a wide range of stocks, including laser, copier, letterhead, glossy, labels, fabric transfers, Tektronix transparencies, and card stock True 1200 x 1200 dpi color or monochrome. Incredible photographs, and razor sharp text A typical color print is less than a dime - black and white the same as a monochrome laser Just print the first side, turn the sheet over, and print the second side

    Pantone Logo

    Color Control Made Easy

    Our exclusive TekColor Dynamic Correction is built into every Phaser 560, so you can print all the colors you'd like. And matching your company colors has never been easier -- just select the color adjustment you want to match the colors on your computer display. Print the brightest transparencies, simulate PANTONE®* solid colors, or the output of SWOP, Commercial, or Euroscale printing presses


    PhaserLink(TM)Provides Easy Access to Your Printer's Information

    PhaserShare printer administration tools include a breakthrough in printer control and information access. PhaserLink software revolutionizes the way that users and system administrators access everyday information. Using PhaserLink software, you can distribute printer information to every desktop computer in your entire network. Integrating the printer's status with other relevant printer information, such as the printer's physical location, PhaserLink provides answers to may common user questions. Through PhaserLink, users can also obtain information about a printer from their onsite technical support staff or from the Tektronix help desk and available online documents. PhaserLink accomplishes all this and more, without any need for unique proprietary software on the desktop computer.

    With PhaserLink and any standard web browser, you'll find answers to everyday questions without ever leaving your desk.


    Convenient Color Copying

    Add greater productivity to your workgroup with the optional Phaser Copystation. The Copystation enables you to make color copies on the Phaser 560. It's an easy way to incorporate commercially printed material, photographs, or other originals into your presentations - without the extra effort of tracking down the original source or locating electronic files. Plus the Copystation can reduce or enlarge your originals from 25% to 200%. And for the most exacting projects, you can fine-tune individual colors. The Phaser Copystation connects directly to the Phaser 560, providing "pushbutton" copying convenience.

    TekColor Logo

    The Color Printer Experts

    Tektronix is the leader in workgroup color printing. We offer the most comprehensive selection of models and configurations of desktop color printers available. Your dealer can help you choose the model that's best for you. Call your nearest authorized Tektronix dealer for a complete demonstration.



    Outstanding Support

    Pick a Tektronix color printer, and you will also receive TekColor Care, our comprehensive support system. TekColor Care provides a full range of services that make your use of a Tektronix color printer worry- and hassle-free.

    Made for Each Other

    Tektronix offers a full line of high-quality supplies for the Phaser 560. To ensure the most reliable performance and consistent, PANTONE®-approved solid color simulations, use only genuine Tektronix supplies and media with your Tektronix color printer. They were made for each other.

    * Pantone Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color reproduction and color reproduction materials.