Laser-speed, laser-ease, with photographic-quality

  • On-Demand Office Color Printing
  • Extraordinary Image Quality
  • Color Control Made Easy
  • High-speed RISC performance
  • Compatible with Your System and Your Software
  • High-Volume, Convenience and Flexibility
  • Convenient Color Copying
  • The Color Printer Experts
  • Tektronix support - the industry standard
  • Made for Each Other
  • Features and Specifications
  • 540 Supplies

  • On-Demand Office Color Printing

    Introducing the second generation of desktop color laser printers. This is really something special. It's the world's first desktop color laser printer that provides photorealistic printing in full color on plain paper, at high-performance speeds. Now you can have color laser printing that's easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to expand as your needs change. All at a price your department can afford. Looking great on paper has never been simpler.

    Extraordinary Image Quality

    Tektronix has advanced the art of desktop color laser printing to a new level. The Phaser 540 Plus delivers continuous-tone output at true 600 x 600 or 300 x 300 dpi resolution. The results are low-cost color documents so striking you simply must see them for yourself.

    Color Control Made Easy

    Our exclusive TekColor Dynamic Correction is built into every Phaser 540 Plus, so you can print all the colors you'd like. And matching your company colors has never been easier. Just select the color adjustment you want to match the colors on your computer display, print the brightest transparencies, simulate PANTONE®* solid colors, or the output of SWOP, Commercial, or Euroscale printing presses

    High-speed RISC performance

    The Phaser 540 Plus was built for speed. Its finely tuned print engine breaks the speed barrier for desktop color - nearly 4 ppm in color, 14 ppm in black-and-white. High-speed image processing is standard, thanks to a 32-MHz RISC processor, complete with Tektronix' advanced image processing. In fact, the next time you need a short-run, commercial printing job, consider printing it at your office on the Phaser 540 Plus. The optional Lower Tray Assembly includes two additional input trays for a total of three input trays. And you can switch among them right from your computer.

    Compatible with Your System and Your Software

    Today's workplace is bustling with priorities. Productivity has never been more important. That's why we made the Phaser 540 Plus reliable and easy to use. It was designed from the ground up, for first-time users. It supports PCs, Macintosh, and UNIX workstations. Standard bi-directional Parallel port, plus optional PhaserShare cards for Ethernet, LocalTalk, and Token Ring networks. PhaserShare includes a network utility for Novell® NetWare® protocol that provides remote printer status reporting. Genuine Adobe(TM) PostScript(TM) Level 2 is standard and enables the Phaser 540 Plus to print from virtually every software package, regardless of platform.

    High-Volume, Convenience and Flexibility

    The Phaser 540 Plus can handle all of your department's printing needs. It's a high-volume, central resource for all your color and black-and-white laser printing. With a powerful 20 Mbytes of standard memory, image processing takes place in the printer, not your computer. For added productivity, the Phaser 540 Plus offers job pipe-lining, for nearly continuous output: as one job is printing, the next one is processing. And for the most demanding applications, you can expand the memory to a total of 52 Mbytes, further enhancing throughput.

    The Phaser 540 Plus is easy to use thanks to the convenient, modular design of its consumables. Toners are efficiently integrated into individual cartridges for clean and easy replacement. The Lower Tray Assembly provides two additional input trays so you can choose to print on paper or transparencies right from your PC, Mac, or workstation.

    Convenient Color Copying

    Add greater productivity to your workgroup with the optional Phaser Copystation. The Copystation enables you to make color copies on the Phaser 540 Plus. It's an easy way to incorporate commercially printed material, photographs, or other originals into your presentations - without the extra effort of tracking down the original source or locating electronic files. Plus the Copystation can reduce or enlarge your originals from 25% to 200%. And for the most exacting projects, you can fine-tune individual colors. The Phaser Copystation brings a new level of convenience and capability to your workgroup.

    The Color Printer Experts

    Tektronix is the leader in workgroup color printing. We offer the most comprehensive selection of models and configurations of desktop color printers available. Your dealer can help you choose the model that's best for you. Call your nearest authorized Tektronix dealer for a complete demonstration.

    Outstanding Support

    Pick a Tektronix color printer, and you will also receive TekColor Care, our comprehensive support system. TekColor Care provides a full range of services that make your use of a Tektronix color printer worry- and hassle-free.

    Made for Each Other

    Tektronix offers a full line of high-quality supplies for the Phaser 540 Plus. To ensure the most reliable performance and consistent, PANTONE®-approved solid color simulations, use only genuine Tektronix supplies and media with your Tektronix color printer. They were made for each other.

    * Pantone Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color reproduction and color reproduction materials.