Fast, photographic-quality color printing for your workgroup

Get the Big Picture: 8.5 x 11-Inch Bleeds

Now you can have a generous, oversize image area from a letter-size color printer. With the Phaser 440 printer, you can print a full page with full bleeds on our Letter-Extra 9.3 x 12.7-inch/243 x 337 mm paper. And for presentations, it's a powerful alternative to 35 mm slides: crisp, photographic-quality with the convenience and flexibility of overheads.

Record-breaking Print Speed

Let's face it, printing time is often waiting time. Fortunately, the Phaser 440 printer is very productive. In fact, it's faster than any other dye sublimation printer on the market. You can print a full page of photorealistic color in just 2 minutes. And, with the Phaser 440 printer's standard 16 Mbytes of RAM, image processing takes place in the printer> instead of your computer. For the most demanding applications, you can add memory up to 64 Mbytes, to maximize input buffers and throughput.

Sharp Text and Fine Lines

For most dye sublimation color printers, the very properties of the technology that provide beautiful, smooth, photographic images also tend to blur text and fine lines. So Tektronix engineers developed TekColor Photofine image enhancement. Photofine sharpens text, graphics, and fine lines so that you can print smooth shading and crisp edges. This dye sublimation color printing at its finest.

Color Comps Made Easy

The Phaser 440 printer makes it easy to produce tight, photographic-quality comps. The oversized output acommodates full-page bleeds. And with color matching this accurate, you can even print loose color or full-page pre-film proofs right on your desktop.

Projecting Your Best Image

Whether your next presentation is for your colleagues or clients, it's important to look your best. Photographic-quality overhead transparencies printed on the new Phaser 440 Color Printer will get the special attention your ideas deserve.

Simulations As Real As Life

Capture every detail of your work, no matter how precise, with the Phaser 440 printer. Color output so accurate your colleagues will wonder if it's a simulation or a photograph of the finished product.

The Scientific Approach

Our exclusive TekColor Photofine image enchancement sharpens fine lines and accurately captures subtle color shifts. It's just what you need to preserve all the visual information in complex digital images for data analysis and presentation. For gray scale applications, the Phaser 440 printer delivers high-quality black-and-white prints with photographic precision, too.

Just-In-Time Photography

The Phaser 440 printer is the other half of the digital photography equation. No more test rolls, no more last-minute trips to the lab in cross-town traffic, and no more wondering if you really got the shot you need. Just select Print for full-size, color prints -- on demand.

Color Control Made Easy

The choices available today for color control are a bit confusing. At Tektronix, we've simplified the process with TekColor Dynamic Correction -- it's built right into the Phaser 440. Dynamic Correction is easy to use and gives you all the color control you need. Just select the setting you'd like for pre-film color proofing of SWOP (Specification for Web Offset Publications), Commercial, SNAP (newsprint), or Euroscale presses. Choose Simulate Display to match the colors on your monitor, or Vivid Blue for the brightest overhead transparencies.

Built for Workgroup Productivity

Tektronix is the world's leading manufacturer of color printers for workgroups. High-quality color printing support for your whole team substantially lowers the cost per user. The Phaser 440 printer's standard interfaces for Power Macs, Macs, PCs, and workstations are all simultaneously active. Ethernet options for EtherTalk, Novell NetWare, and TCP/IP are also available. And there's no problem supporting the demands of multiple users. The Phaser 440 prints at record-breaking speeds. Plus, the optional lower tray assembly gives your workgroup added flexibility. Users can choose to print on paper or transparencies, right from their computers. And the Phaser 440 printer features built-in Adobe PostScript Level 2 to ensure compatibility with every leading software application.

The Color Printer Experts

Tektronix is the leader in dye sublimation technology. We offer the most comprehensive selection of models and configurations of desktop color printers available. Your dealer can help you choose the model that's best for you. Call your nearest authorized Tektronix dealer for a complete demonstration.

Outstanding Support

Pick a Tektronix color printer, and you will also receive TekColor Care, our comprehensive support system. TekColor Care provides a full range of services that make your use of a Tektronix color printer worry- and hassle-free.

Made for Each Other®

Tektronix offers a full line of high-quality supplies for the Phaser 440 printer. To ensure the most reliable performance and consistent, PANTONE®-approved solid color simulations, use only genuine Tektronix supplies and media with your Tektronix color printer. They were made for each other.