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Take the Cost Out of Color

  • Free Black Ink
  • Exceptional colour on ordinary paper
  • Laser-quality, breakthrough speed and performance
  • Extremely easy to work with
  • Plug and Play
  • Extended Features
  • Make it a colour copier

  • The Breakthrough Printer that Takes the Cost out of Colour

    In today's workplace, if you want to compete with the best you have to look the part. Now, thanks to the latest breakthrough in colour printing from Tektronix, any business can afford to look like the best. The secret? The Phaser 350 colour printer. The fastest, most affordable, laser quality colour printer on the market. At up to 6 pages per minute, why wait?

    Free Black Ink

    Print Sample Tektronix is serious about color printing. In fact, to make the switch to colour printing even easier, we're offering a free supply of black ink for everything you print on your 350. That makes the cost-per-page less than a monochrome lasers! Even a typical colour page costs no more than the loose change in your pocket.

    Exceptional Colour on Ordinary Paper

    The 350 takes laser quality colour to the next level. Tektronix' unique colour ink formulation produces remarkably bright, vibrant, crisp colour. It doesn't need special paper either. It will use any paper you have - premium grade laser, ordinary office copier paper or even re-cycled. You choose. You'll still get high quality colour whichever you use. And for presentations that leave an impression, Phaser 350 colour transparencies are in a class of their own.

    Laser-Quality, Breakthrough Speed and Performance

    Print Sample Nobody likes wasting time waiting for their printer to print. That's why Tektronix engineers designed the Phaser 350 for ultimate performance. It's fast - even in the busiest network environments - delivering up to 6 full A4 pages per minute in laser-quality colour. Productive enough to keep the largest network happy.

    Extermely Easy To Work With

    Print Sample To say that the Phaser 350 is easy to use is an understate-ment. It is probably the easiest to use printer of any kind ever manufactured. ColorStix® solid ink is safe, clean, easy to replace and environmentally friendly. There are no stacks of toner cartridges, bulky imaging units or corona wires to dispose of. Anyone can operate the 350. Generous printing capacities and options such as a second paper tray mean users can concentrate on their output, rather than worry about the printer.

    Plug and Play

    The 350 offers seamless compatibility for every leading operating system, software application, and network protocol. Plus, we've added our exclusive network printer management software, PhaserLinkTM. It's the answer to an administrator's or user's dreams. Allowing you to check printer status, change printer settings and access on-line documentation from your desktop. PhaserLink uses Internet technology - so is platform-independent and requires no network maintenance or updates.

    Extended Features

    If you need 20 copies of a 6 page report, just connect the optional hard disk to the printer's SCSI port and you can print 20 sets of your document ready collated. If you want to check the first page runout before printing more, the Check Print feature allows the Phaser 350 to print the first page, then waits for you to review it. You can then continue the job or stop it at the printer avoiding wasting time and paper. Another productive feature is Job Pipelining. This means the next job in the queue will begin processing while the current job is still printing, saving valuable time.

    Make it a Colour Copier

    Print Sample Add a Phaser Copystation and your Phaser 350 becomes a colour copier. The Phaser Copystation adds a new dimension of convenience and capability to your workgroup.