Phaser 340


Phaser™ 340

Everything you wanted in a color laser printer

  • Everyday Office Color is Here!
  • Four pages per minute average print speed
  • Built for workgroup productivity
  • PhaserLink Provides Easy Access to Your Printer's Information
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain
  • Low-cost per copy makes color an everyday tool
  • Reliable operation
  • Color copies from your color printer

  • Everyday Office Color is Here!

    This is the fast, reliable desktop color printer you've been waiting for. The Tektronix Phaser 340 color printer delivers all the high-quality color, low cost per page and >ease of use you've always wanted, without messy toners or complicated, high maintenance consumables. It's fast, powerful, and costs substantially less than you might expect.

    It gives you vivid color and crisp black-and-white on plain paper -- letterhead, laser, label stock, you name it. And great looking transparencies that are ready to use right out of the printer. With the Phaser 340, color printing joins the business mainstream for good. See a Phaser 340 demonstration and you'll never see the business world in black-and-white again.

    Razor-sharp Output

    Get rich, vibrant, saturated colors in 300 x 300 dpi or optional 600 x 300 dpi modes. Print resolution is user-selectable.

    Four Pages Per Minute

    Print four pages per minute in full color -- as much color as you can put on a page. With the Phaser 340's high-speed print engine, there's no faster desktop color printer anywhere.

    Workgroup Productivity

    The Plus configuration of the Phaser 340 offers top performance in demanding workgroup applications. It includes remarkable 600 x 300 dpi resolution, maximum memory, maximum fonts, and pipelining; pipelining overlaps processing up to four pages ahead of printing -- ensuring the fastest possible output for you.

    The Phaser 340 is easy to network. All ports and protocols are simultaneously active. If you have PC, Mac, and UNIX workstation users sharing the Phaser 340, it will switch between them automatically as needed.

    Plug and play connectivity means that the Phaser 340 is compatible with all popular environments, networks and applications.

    PhaserLink(TM)Provides Easy Access to Your Printer's Information

    PhaserShare printer administration tools include a breakthrough in printer control and information access. PhaserLink software revolutionizes the way that users and system administrators access everyday information. Using PhaserLink software, you can distribute printer information to every desktop computer in your entire network. Integrating the printer's status with other relevant printer information, such as the printer's physical location, PhaserLink provides answers to may common user questions. Through PhaserLink, users can also obtain information about a printer from their onsite technical support staff or from the Tektronix help desk and available online documents. PhaserLink accomplishes all this and more, without any need for unique proprietary software on the desktop computer.

    With PhaserLink and any standard web browser, you'll find answers to everyday questions without ever leaving your desk.

    Easy to Use -- Easy to Maintain

    Designed for simple operation. If you can operate a standard office laser printer, you can run the Phaser 340.

    Unlike other color printers with as many as a dozen consumable supplies, the Phaser 340 uses only four solid-ink sticks and a slide-out maintenance tray. No messy toners to get on your clothes. No gloves or key operator needed. And there's no harm to the environment.

    Low-Cost Color

    When you consider the Phaser 340's low cost per page and low purchase price, you can't find laser-quality color for less. In fact, you can't afford to be without Phaser 340 color. And best of all, you get FREE black ink for the life of the printer.

    Color Copies

    Turn your Phaser 340 into a color copier. Simply add-on a Tektronix Phaser Copystation desktop copy unit to handle all your color copying chores.


    With its short paper path, proven solid-ink technology and a minimum of moving parts, the Phaser 340 gives you high reliability and very low maintenance.

    The Phaser 340 is designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

    Made for Each Other

    Tektronix offers a full line of high-quality supplies for the Phaser 340. To ensure the most reliable performance and consistent, PANTONE®-approved solid color simulations, use only genuine Tektronix supplies and media with your Tektronix color printer. They were made for each other.