Phaser 240


Phaser™ 240

Uncompromised quality, speed, and value. The Phaser 240 prints high-quality color on paper or transparencies.

  • The right combination of high-quality, efficiency, and value
  • High-performance color printing
  • Optional TekColor SuperCell 600(TM) color printing
  • The color printer with outstanding workgroup features
  • TekColor(TM) software provides easy-to-use, powerful color control
  • Tektronix Support -- the industry standard

  • The Right Combination

    The Phaser 240 color printer is a sound business investment from Tektronix, the leader in workgroup color printers. It's just the right combination of high-quality, efficiency, and value. With the Phaser 240 you can print a full color page, on transparency film or paper, in just 30 seconds. That's fast enough to serve your entire workgroup. Top-quality color printing has never been so affordable.

    Presenting Your Best Image

    Nothing adds more impact to your presentations and reports than color. Color grabs more attention, gets your message across faster, and is remembered longer. Color is a clear advantage and the Phaser 240 delivers the high-performance color printing required for workgroup applications. PC Magazine chose Tektronix thermal-transfer color printers as the Editors' Choice for two years in a row (1). In fact, Tektronix' thermal-transfer color printer was rated the fastest by PC Magazine and MWA Consulting (2). Imagine the difference that high-performance color printing will make when you're printing last-minute changes for your presentations.

    Why Settle For Less Than The Best?

    It's true, the Phaser 240 prints beautiful, 300 dots-per-inch color output on common office laser papers. But we've taken thermal-transfer technology to the next level. Just add 8 Megabytes of memory to enable TekColor SuperCell 600(TM) color printing with user-selectable 600 x 300 dpi resolution. SuperCell 600 improves every aspect of the printed page -- sharper details, higher contrast, smoother shading, and more saturated color. Even scanned images print with remarkable clarity. Once you've seen color printing at this level of quality, you won't settle for less.


    The Color Printer Built For Your Workgroup

    Networking: The Phaser 240 includes genuine Adobe(TM) PostScript(TM) Level 2. And it's a true workgroup printer, designed with popular network options, so you can plug it into any system. Share it with PCs, Macs, and workstations. Ethernet is available in Novell® NetWare®, EtherTalk(TM), and TCP/IP(TM) protocols. All ports are simultaneously active. Just send your job to print and the Phaser 240 automatically switches between ports and protocols.

    Speed: At two pages per minute it's fast enough to handle the demands of any workgroup. The Phaser 240 won't tie up your computer with image processing. It all takes place in the printer, so you can move on to the next task. It's just what you need to keep your workgroup productive.

    Multiple Trays: The compact Phaser 240 blends into any office environment. Dual input trays are available for added convenience and efficiency. There's no need to leave your computer; with two input trays you can choose to print on transparencies or paper right from your keyboard.

    High Capacity: With the Phaser 240 you can make 342 color prints from a single transfer roll. The Phaser 240 provides unattended operation so you can focus your attention on your project, not your printer. With our exclusive ColorCoat(TM) transfer roll you can even make color prints on common office laser papers.

    Print Any Color You Want

    The broad color gamut of the Phaser 240 allows you to print any color you'd like. Our exclusive TekColor(TM) rendering software provides easy-to-use, powerful color control, so you can print the colors you intended. Choose Vivid Colors for overhead transparencies, Simulate Display to match the colors on your monitor, or Simulate Press for SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) press simulations.

    Made For Each Other

    To ensure accurate, PANTONE®*-approved color simulations and reliable performance for your Tektronix color printer, use only genuine Tektronix supplies. They were made for each other.

    Support You Can Count On

    Every Tektronix color printer comes with TekColor Care, our comprehensive support system. TekColor Care provides a one-year return-to-depot warranty, unlimited access to toll-free technical support, a customer newsletter, access to our automated fax reference library, and an electronic bulletin board. For additional care, Tektronix' factory-trained service organization offers RealSUPPORT(TM) Extended Service plans.

    Tektronix -- The Color Printing Leader

    Tektronix is the world's leading manufacturer of workgroup color printers. And only Tektronix offers every color printing technology on the desktop. Your authorized Tektronix Dealer can help you choose the model that's best suited to your application. Call your nearest authorized Tektronix dealer for a complete demonstration.

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    2. MWA Consulting report: Network Printing Benchmarks: Color Printers and Print Servers, September 1993 PC Magazine, November 1994
    * Pantone Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color reproduction and color reproduction materials.