Phaser 140


Phaser™ 140

The affordable PostScript(TM) color printer for business workgroups.

The Phaser 140 delivers fast, low-cost color printing on plain paper or transparencies.

  • The image quality your projects deserve
  • The speed today's business demands
  • The right connections for your system
  • Compatible with your software
  • Award-winning desktop color made easy
  • Built in color accuracy you can depend on
  • Tektronix support -- the industry standard

  • The image quality your projects deserve

    The Phaser 140 provides high-quality printing in full color or black-and-white. With 360 dots-per-inch resolution, you get laser-sharp output on a wide variety of papers and transparencies. Even photographic images print with exceptional quality.

    • Print on plain paper from Word, Excel, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, FoxPro, and other color-capable software.
    • Color transparencies created in PowerPoint, Freelance, Persuasion, and other presentation packages deliver your message with style and substance.
    • Use coated paper to add vibrant color to newsletters, report covers, and other desktop publishing projects.
    • Glossy paper is perfect for promotions, flyers, photo CDs -- anytime you want the look and feel of photographic-quality output.
    • Our unique back-print film is ideal for posters, signs, notices, and other custom-made displays.

    The Phaser 140 capitalizes on our exclusive TekColor Finepoint(TM) rendering technology, originally developed for our high-end graphic arts printers. With Finepoint you can print photographs and scanned images with a clarity that approaches the photorealistic quality of dye sublimation color printers.

    The speed today's business demands

    Print speed specifications usually list the print engine speed. That's the time it takes to print after the digital information has been processed. The real time it takes to print is the sum of the processing speed and the print engine speed. The Phaser 140 takes full advantage of Tektronix' engineering expertise with accelerated color image processing. The result is high-powered RISC processing with our advanced interleaved memory. The bottom line: the Phaser 140 is the fastest color printer in its class.

    That's not all. This ink-jet printer comes complete with 8 Mbytes of memory (expandable to 24 Mbytes), so image processing takes place in the printer, not in your computer. Off-loaded, your computer is free to move on to the next task.

    The right connections for your system

    Right out of the box, the Phaser 140 is ready to print from PCs, Macs, or both. With a compact footprint, it's easy to set up for individual use or as a cost-efficient, shared resource. You don't need a dedicated print server, the Phaser 140 can be plugged in directly to your network. For Ethernet networks, support for Novell® NetWare ®, EtherTalk(TM), and TCP/IP is available. And all interfaces and protocols are simultaneously active. With one Phaser 140 color printer, you can add the advantages of color to every desktop in your workgroup.

    Compatible with your software

    At Tektronix, we've standardized on genuine Adobe(TM) PostScript(TM) Level 2. With Adobe PostScript you won't spend valuable time struggling to print your files. The Phaser 140 is compatible with every leading PC and Mac software package on the market. Text, graphics, charts, logos, and scans -- print them all, without hassle.

    Award-winning color for your desktop

    Tektronix has delivered award-winning color printers for over a decade. Today we offer the most comprehensive selection of models and configurations in the business. Phaser printers are industry leaders for high-quality output, fast throughput, and workgroup compatibility. Your dealer can help you choose the model that's best for you. Call your nearest authorized Tektronix dealer for a complete demonstration.

    Color accuracy you can depend on

    Our proprietary TekColor(TM) Dynamic Correction enables you to easily match the colors on your computer's display, print the brightest colors for overhead transparencies, or simulate the colors of commercial printing presses. Design iterations are quick and easy. In-house desktop color proofing saves time and expense. And the Phaser 140 is PANTONE® *- approved for accurate color definition.

    *Pantone Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color reproduction and color reproduction materials.

    Tektronix support -- the industry standard

    You can rely on Tektronix. Every Tektronix color printer includes TekColor Care, our comprehensive support system. For additional care, Tektronix service organization offers RealSUPPORT(TM) Express Exchange service featuring three years of overnight product replacement.

    Made for each other

    Tektronix offers a full line of high-quality supplies for the Phaser 140. To ensure the most reliable performance and consistent, PANTONE®-approved solid color simulations, use only genuine Tektronix supplies and media with your Tektronix color printer. They were made for each other.