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ColorQube 8870 3.3 5 27 27
Excellent Quality I recently bought one of these printers. I've been using it less than a month. I love it so far. The print quality is just superb. This was a huge improvement from an inkjet that we were using before. We have the printer set up as a network printer. Most of the time it prints wonderfully. Sometimes we have an issue with a duplicate IP Address on the network. I think that is a network problem and not a printer problem. I'm still working on it. The problem seems to fix itself when the router is reset. The printer is noisy when it is printing but it doesn't seem to bother me. July 3, 2014
This has to be loudest printer I have ever used. As the title states, this printer is extremely loud. I have the unfortunate privillage of sitting next to this noise beast. With about 20 people in my group using this printer, it becomes extremely distruptive. DO NOT BUY March 11, 2014
Expensive Printer 3 engineer visits required in 12 months We bought this as we were pleased with our Larger ColorCube Copier and rather liked the solid inks and the colour they were able to output. the 8570 was expensive and the ink more so but it kept failing even though it was being used as a small volume printer. The third visit was just before the warranty ended, unfortunately the printer wasn't used for a week which took us over the warranty and Xerox refused to come back out to fix it again. Reasonable output, decent features, lousy backup and expensive to repair. I won't buy another. February 8, 2014
Best High Speed Glossy Colour Printer on the Market Very Fast, Excellent Print Quality at very low cost due to Sold ink. Only disadvantages are that it is a little noisy when printing, and it should be left on standby when not being used so that ink is not wasted in cleaning cycles. Heavily recommended if you need high volume colour Laser type output... June 16, 2013
Great printer No issues here. Yes, the printer is a bit noisy. Oh well, such is life. It prints with great quality, even on the lowest setting, and it is fast. I have 4 of them and am ordering another. Ink is expensive, but the printer does not use a lot of ink at all. Great product for the money. May 9, 2013
Worth checking out We've printed 390,000 on our 8870, and it's bonkers, it makes a noise just like Chewbacca snoring and we point an office fan towards it to keep it from getting too warm which will bring the pages per minute down from 10 pages to 5 pages. It's had two replacement gearboxes which takes about half an hour. It's in the next room so the sound it makes tells us if it's still printing or if we need to replenish the toner or paper. You can load ink instantaneously and it'll be printing again in seconds. It churns out work all day, and anyone who says it's slow, ought to just start printing earlier. The dot array is more 'random' than that of a laser printer so images (photos) have a softer feel and you can't really get mega vivid images. I open the ink access door to stop the printer if I get the urge to load paper before it actually runs out, I wouldn't recommend opening the paper tray to stop it, it won't thank you for it. Provided you do your research and be aware this is a characterful little printer, for what the ink is going save you over laser toner, you can't go wrong. You probably will go round the bend if it's on the desk beside you, but hide it in the next room or cupboard and like sleeping next to a road you soon tune out the sound or, if you're used to working in a noisy print environment maybe you appreciate the sound of a busy little engine doing it's duty. April 29, 2013
More expensive than a drug habit The vivid, crisp text is wonderful, and the noise and quirks are something you can live with. It is only after time that you notice the (many) faults of this truly trashy product. The printer has to be left on always. The printer melts a portion of the solid ink and holds it internally for use. If you turn off the printer, the molten ink is dumped as waste. Likewise, if you do not use the printer for a period, it dumps your ink to waste. So, do not even consider this printer for infrequent runs - it has to be used often. If you do use the printer often, it will break. The clutch will need to be replaced often. Open the printer up and you will see that it is cheaply constructed. We have had just about every part of our two phasers pack in - including the LCD display. Thankfully, my colleague is a printer technician. The spares are horendously priced, though. January 18, 2013
Amazing Print Quality and Speed Very Fast, Very high Quality Print with a uniquely glossy finish and very very fast. The only consumables are wax blocks and a cleaning roller every 30,000 pages. Avoid powering this printer off / on as it will use a lot of wax while it starts up and cleans. If left on it will switch to low power mode and use almost nothing. Very good support and service from Xerox - I recommend that the 1 year warranty is extended to 3 years, as it can get expensive if something does go wrong. Don't buy third party wax - it is cheaper but it will screw up your printer eventually - and the printer can tell it's not Xerox wax - and it won't be covered under warranty! December 21, 2012
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