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ColorQube 8570

Product Reviews
ColorQube 8570 3.8 5 186 187
This product is the best printer I have ever owned The ColorQube 8570 is an environmental friendly printer that uses solid ink technology. The ColorQube prints high print quality images that are consistent as well as easy to use with no hassle maintenance. The colors are bright and exceptional. March 2, 2011
Disappointed My designs looked good on the screen, but when not when printed. I tried downloading different drivers. No change. I tried looking at the print settings, letting the printer be in charge of printing, and letting the software dictate the printing setup. Nothing changed. Once in a while I get what I want. April 18, 2014
Same Results as another I had the same results as the other guy who bought 3. Good thing I only bought 1. It's a 150 pound paper weight in the corner of my office. Anybody want to come and get it? March 18, 2014
Designed by the marketing department I bought this as a replacement for my Xerox 8550 printer that finally failed after many years. Of course Xerox's marketing department makes sure that no two printers can use the same ink. So I had to sell my old cubes and buy new ones. Since the ink is so expensive, I was used to buying genuine xerox ink from various suppliers on the internet. So with the 8570 too, I bought what was advertised as genuine xerox ink with the holograph, etc but apparently for the international market. Unfortunately, I find that even though everything looks good, and fits into the slot, there must be some other sensor that stops the printer from accepting it. Get ready to have your supplies scrutinized and rejected so you will be forced to buy ink from only the most expensive source. February 24, 2014
The Ink Cost Will Bankrupt You!! I've been using the solid ink printers for a number of years with the business. It started with the purchases of the Phaser 860's and continues with my 8500's and my Colorqube 8870. I made the mistake of purchasing an 8570 and found out the hard way the amount of ink cost to operate the printer. The initial purchase price for an 8570 is very attractive. But don't be fooled your savings will be eaten away quickly as you purchase ink for this machine. My, still new, 8570 now sits in the corner of the office un-used, un-plugged & less than 5000 prints. If your considering this printer please DO A COST ANALYSIS FIST!! Don't make the mistake I made. Please Xerox!! Refund My Purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! February 11, 2014
my 8570 experience's They are a lot better than the 8560 both in ink usage and not breaking down as often. The Xerox warranty is excellent and should be renewed every plus labour are too expensive to be without a contract!! There are not as many complaints about ink usage as with the 8560 so that is good. Too get good ink usage dont print in high res. as you will go thru ink like crazy. The ink doesnt smell as much as the 8560 did, when melting, so we have less headaches around here. The main issue is still the cost of the ink...tooo much $$$$$...the cost could be cut in half or more, Xerox would still make a bucket and more printers would likely sell for them as well... I like the printer but to have one at home with the ink cost plus a every now and then maintenace kit...nope nota only and then still watch what you print!!! February 5, 2014
PRINTER USE and LIFESPAN... I'm on my fourth machine of this model type Xerox printer (including its predecessor, the Phaser 8560 series). I've been very happy with the print quality. However, you can expect to only get about 3 years out of these machines, at which point its simply cheaper to buy a new machine rather than get it repaired. (It actually costs more to repair than to replace this thing.) The ink is pricey for this model, so I considered getting the ColorQube 8870 (which is a LOT more expensive). However, the only difference between the ColorQube 8870 and the ColorQube 8570 from what I've been able to ascertain is that the print heads of the 8870 model have been modified to accept the lower priced ink. Since the gears on these things wear out and limit the lifespan to ONLY about 3 years, I wouldn't even consider the ColorQube 8870. However, as long as you understand these printers are disposable, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the ColorQube 8570. For average monthly runs of about 2000 to 4,000 prints, the 8570 performs quite well. If you require 3,000 or more prints per month; then this machine will probably not meet your expectations. February 1, 2014
Very disappointed Our office has purchased three solid ink Xerox printers, first one lasted three years, second one died after two and the last one went only 18 months. This is a one-person office that prints less than a ream a week, that is less than 40,000 pages total. Ink is stupid expensive, maintenance kits are expensive and then the printer dies an early death. I would not recommend this product for any level of office. January 30, 2014
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