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ColorQube 8570

Product Reviews
ColorQube 8570 3.8 5 193 194
This product is the best printer I have ever owned The ColorQube 8570 is an environmental friendly printer that uses solid ink technology. The ColorQube prints high print quality images that are consistent as well as easy to use with no hassle maintenance. The colors are bright and exceptional. March 2, 2011
Power failure We bought 4 of this and after one year 3 of them are broken, and they are outside of warranty. Not recomend this printer. August 26, 2014
Power unit failure Steer clear of this model - it has a serious vulnerability in its power supply unit. Lots of users have reported failure (often just outside of warranty) and it is not possible to make an economic repair. Consumables are REALLY expensive too. July 17, 2014
No Laminate The printer is okay, the quality of the prints is very nice although the cubes are pricey. The biggest issue for me is that the technology doesn't fuse to the paper like powder toner and if you try to laminate anything the colors run and change color. Have to send things out to printer now. May 29, 2014
Great little machine I leased one of these machine to use at remote jobsite location. This machine was inexpensive and my lease covered all the supplies. It has performed flawlessly. No service calls have been placed in the past year. Easy to set up, easy to use. This is the smallest Xerox product that I have. It has true Xerox durability and quality. Great machine! May 16, 2014
Problem printer We have had this for 6 months it is a replacement for the 8560 which went out under warranty. From the beginning it has been very slow to start printing on average 45 seconds after request to print has been placed. We have had the xerox rep out 5-6 times and never been able to eliminate the delay problem(all other printers on the same network print in a timely matter). About 2-3 weeks ago our system began having problems communicating with the 8570 printer and began periods of "document failed to print" messages. We had the xerox rep out a couple of times and he would get it to work and then it would began the same non printing issues again. He could not find anything wrong with the printer. Next we called in our IT department they could not find any thing wrong but they suggested we take that printer out of the network and replace it with a Dell laser printer to see if there could be a problem in the wiring. If no problem that would seem to support our belief that our problem s the XEROX 8570 colorcube printer. Well guess what THE DELL PRINTS PERFECTLY EVERY TIME ALL THE TIME AND HAS BEEN DOING SO FOR THE LAST 2 WEEKS.(approx 1400 pages). XEROX suggests our problem might be our windows XP. But their specs show it runs on windows XP. WOULD NOT RECCOMEND THIS PRINTER TO ANYONE May 13, 2014
designed to fail The color cube 8570 is well designed and engineered; however, the design intent is of no benefit to the consumer; It is designed to make money for Xerox in the sale of the color cubes. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have the default print mode set to anything but enhanced print; thus more ink is used than needed. No matter what I did , my printer reverted back to 'enhanced' print. Even if black is selected for every print, all the colors are used. Thus, more ink is used than the required. If that was not bad enough, the machine is designed to fail just after new color cubes are purchased. This takes careful engineering and Xerox accomplished it. When your black cube is used, you will buy another black, and soon the printer will fail; cost to repair: $250.00. Two weeks after this another part will fail. This is what happened to me. So it seems the engineers designed a double fail plot. If one part somehow survived it's designed time span the other part would fail. I called to voice my concern and my story fell on deaf ears. Something else to be aware of before you buy this printer. It seems designed to run a self test at intervals. And the amount of ink used for this test is something to behold; after the test, the paper is covered with ink and it is heavier and thicker than the same page before the test. I bought a new printer and had it print on the unprinted sides of one of the many test sheets I had. It gummed up my new printer to the level that rendered my new printer useless. My Color Cube has a new black ink cartridge and others are about gone. So, do I pay another $250 to fix the color cube? I know that, even though I choose to print black only, not color, the printer will soon devour the color cubes. If you have money to waste on repairs and cubes, this printer does indeed print well. It should, it is rigged to print at an enhanced level all the time. May 7, 2014
This is my second solid ink printer - and my last I like the concept of the solid ink, but even in my small home office, I will spend $1000+ a year in supplies. No matter what Xerox says, when a freshly printed sheet is printed, many ball point pens will have trouble writing on it. And don't even try printing business cards and carry some in your wallet, you will end up embarrassed trying to give out a smudged card. And sheets don't hold color well when placed in the sun. The printer rarely prints without missing lines of dots. You can spend $$ of ink to clear it up, only to need to clear again before long. But if you don't really care how nice your prints look, this is the printer for you, because it is fast for the cost. May 2, 2014
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