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ColorQube 8570

Product Reviews
ColorQube 8570 3.8 5 219 220
Better The Second Time Around The ColorQube 8570 is the second printer I bought from Xerox, the first was an 8560. I soon discovered the 8570 to be much quieter and it does not use as much ink on standby. Also, the software is much improved which makes the printer much easier to use. I bought the 8560 to be used in a small business and bought the 8570 two years ago when the business was sold. Though the Xerox representative was reluctant to sell a ColorCube to an individual making fewer copies a month, it was the right choice for me. By the way, look at the new service contract, it seems too good to be true, but I believe that it is. May 23, 2013
Xerox solid ink won me over We got this printer to replace a still fairly new laser printer that had broken down due to a label sticking to the transfer belt. I was very skeptical about solid ink, but having read Xerox's literature on it, the reviews here and elsewhere, and because the strength's of solid ink seemed to matchup pretty well to what we were printing color for, I decided to give it a shot. Well, I'm convinced now. The print quality is fantastic. The color is very rich and vibrant. Results so far indicate that we are using FAR less solid ink to print similar numbers of pages than we were toner. The fast processor, spacious RAM, and true Adobe PostScript3 on this thing ensure that it tears through even the toughest jobs with little waiting. Its not without some "getting used to" though. I'd recommend tweaking the warmup schedule to your needs. For us, I have it set to warmup at 8am and go to sleep at 6pm, and I've got "Fast Resume" enabled. I've yet to have anyone complain about waiting for it to warmup. If you do lose power, expect to waste some ink as this thing will run its cleaning program. To combat that I put a UPS on it, that should eliminate short power drops causing problems and give me enough time to shut it down if its going to be an extended outage. I also find print speed to be slightly slower than with a color laser printer. You won't get anywhere near Xerox's claimed 40ppm unless you're using "Fast Color" mode. However the speed is comparable to what you'd get from color laser printers at similar resolutions, and the fast processor and spacious RAM mean this printer usually has rendered and started on the job long before our color laser would have, so it evens things out. Overall, I highly recommend Xerox's ColorQube 8570, and I hope they continue developing solid ink technology, there's definitely a place for it in the market. But please, do your research first, as solid ink is not the same as a toner based product, it has advantages and disadvantages, and you need to figure out if it fits with your needs or not. March 19, 2012
Good and Fast Good Product, is easy install and use, print very fast include 2 side print also great customer services!!! December 16, 2014
This product has great color and quality This product has great color and quality, we use it for printing Brochures, Farm Crop maps. December 11, 2014
Overall Excellent Printer Overall this is an excellent printer. Print quality is perfect for client proofs since the color is very close to what I get from the professional printers. Prints on card stock very well, although not so great on pulling envelopes through the feeder. Envelope printing is the only issue that I haven't been happy with. I don't print a lot of every day so ink has not been an issue; actually still using the ink the machine came with. Once the printer is warmed up, the speed is very good. December 11, 2014
Gets the Job Done We've been using the 8570 for about a year now. This is our second wax-based printer from Xerox. The color output is very appealing with rich, bright colors that pop. We have printed over 100,000 pages with only 3 jams. The software interface is easy to use and makes ordering supplies easy because it will let you know when you are low. You can click on the low supply notice, and order new supplies right from the popup window through the Xerox Supplies Assistant. Shipping, for the most part, has been very reliable. We use CDW as the vendor and most supplies arrive in 1-2 days even with ground shipping. The lifetime free service is a nice option, which is available as long as you order all your supplies through the Supplies Assistant software. The only negative I can think of is that the Supplies Assistant can at times be a little aggressive with its warnings of losing the service contract if we don't order new supplies soon. We had the contract dropped once, but it was automatically reinstated as soon as we placed our next order. One further item, if you connect it to a UPS battery backup, you will need one with at least 850 watts capacity, or it will set off the overcapacity alarm while the printer is warming up from sleep mode. It draws a lot of current for about 60 seconds while waking up from sleep mode, otherwise power consumption is about 250 watts. Overall, this is a highly recommended printer that is a pleasure to use. December 10, 2014
Professional looking print quality AND environmentally friendly! The ColorQube 8570 is my second solid ink printer, as I upgraded from a Phaser 8550. I love the glossy, professional look of everything I print. Besides my own personal correspondence, I use the ColorQube for creating materials for the students I teach and tutor, and also for print materials for my dance classes. I've learned that it is very important to select the specific type of paper being used (such as cardstock), and not to print any color in spaces where writing will occur, as writing tools don't work very well over the waxy ink. It is also necessary to use lower heat (or quicker speed) when laminating, as colors may bleed a bit. But, the ink never bleeds if it gets wet, a big plus. The ink sticks are expensive, but last a very long time. I wouldn't have any other printer! December 10, 2014
Failure I purchased 2 of these printers and neither one of them work. One power supply stopped working and the repair cost was greater than the original purchase price. As for the second one, the printer heads stopped functioning. I rec'd zero help from Xerox when I called. "Well sir, the printers are out of warranty... " The product is inferior. Several complaints now exist online for power source failures. December 9, 2014
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