Xerox vs. the Competition

When it comes to performance and reliability, Xerox products outshine the rest. Compare Xerox printers and multifunction products to the competition, and discover why Xerox continues to be an industry leader.

Multifunction Product Buyer's Guidepdf
Top 10 things to consider when evaluating advanced multifunction systems.

Competitive Comparisons
1Buyers Laboratory Inc. Overview
Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) which is located in Hackensack, NJ, has been testing office equipment for more that 40 years and is the nation's leading independent office equipment testing lab and business consumer advocate. In addition to providing purchasing advice and consulting services to business consumers, BLI conducts the industry's most comprehensive in-house testing of multifunctional imaging products, printers and fax machines. BLI also provides a range of additional testing services that include testing of office equipment consumables and supplies, paper, furniture and electronic components, as well as simulated environmental testing, transportation testing and vibration testing. More information on BLI can be obtained by visiting or calling 201-488-0404.