PagePack: An opportunity for Business Growth not to be missed

Xerox Channel Partners are being offered the unique opportunity to increase revenue three-fold!

If you want to secure and capture all of your supplies and service revenue, and increase your company profit, Xerox PagePack offers you just that!

PagePack is an inclusive service and supplies contract for networked printers and multifunction systems, which greatly increases customers' understanding and control of their document costs.

PagePack offers Partners real competitive advantage and provides the opportunity to build business equity with increased revenue and improved profitability and productivity.

Xerox are now offering customers more choice!

Similar to mobile phones with a pay-as-you-go option, or an all-in contract with regular payments. PagePack offers peace of mind to customers with:

  • a single contract that covers pages printed, maintenance, services and all consumables for networked printers and multifunction systems.
  • a fixed cost per page, black and white and colour, whatever the print coverage.
  • 1, 3, 4 and 5 year contracts, tailored to meet high, medium or low usage customers.
  • a direct relationship between Xerox Partner and their customer.
  • all after sales service & maintenance delivered by Xerox qualified engineers.

However, customers can still choose the traditional option of buying supplies as and when they need them.