Copy, Copy/Print or Copy/Print/Scan

  • For busy workgroups that require A3 output
  • Holds more paper (up to 5,100 sheets) and heavier weights than competitive products

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The WorkCentre 5225/5230 is no longer sold as new. You might like to consider the replacement product.

WorkCentre™ 5325/5330/5335 

WorkCentre 5225/5230

Contract Consumables Ordering

To order consumables included in your contract please use the Consumables Ordering tool. You will need your machine serial number and latest meter reading.

Save more time and hassle by using Meter Assistant to automatically submit your meter reads. It is secure and easy to install.
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Non-Contract Consumables
Non-contract customers can order consumables quickly and conveniently from the Xerox Consumables Store using the 'Add to basket' buttons below or by telephone.


Part #DescriptionCapacity
008R12897Staple Cartridge (Booklet Maker)16,000 staples

Upgrades and Accessories

Part #Description
097N01716Voiceover Ip Adapter / Fax Ata 101S (A Device That Enables The Analogue Fax Machine To Work Over The Ip Network - It Expertise Is Required)- Eu
097S03741Wireless Network Adaptor with European Power Converter, 220 Volt
097S03742Wireless Network Adaptor with UK Power Converter, 220 Volt
097S03927High Capacity Tandem Tray ( 2000 Sheet Capacity, A4 Only)
097S03928Two Tray Module ( 2 x 500-Sheet capacity)
321K11020ConnectKey for SharePoint Server, inc 12 mth support & 1 MFP connection
321K11030ConnectKey for SharePoint-Add 1MFP & Support
321K11040ConnectKey for SharePoint-Add 10MFP & Support
321K11050ConnectKey for SharePoint-Add 50MFP & Support
497K02820Platen Cover (5222V_K / 7232 / 7242 Only)
497K03630Envelope Tray
497K03660Job Based Network Accounting
497K03670Server Fax Kit
497K03680256Mb Memory Upgrade kit - 5225V_A / 5230V_A when using EIP applications WITHOUT Scan Performance Kit Installed or 5222/5225/5230 COPIER Versions
497K03690IFax Kit
497K03700Security Kit
497K03710Email Scanning Services (Scan to Email/Mailbox 5222/5225/5230 Only)
497K03893Postscript 3 Kit For Color Scanning (522
497K04160Scan Performance Kit (5225A/5230A Only incs OCR PDF & MRC Compression & 256Mb Memory)
497K04203Adobe Postscript 3 Kit (5222/5225/5230 O
498K14141Foreign Device Interface Kit
498K179701 Line Fax/Phone Kit NO/DK/SE/FI (Hard Disk required for 5222V_K copier only version)
498N01568Tray Locking Kit