Monochrome multifunction printer

  • Print, copy, scan, fax
  • Print up to 24 pages per minute

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WorkCentre 3045

Product Reviews
WorkCentre 3045 2.4 5 10 10
bad unit wifi doesn't work or recognize scanner - it's a whole nightmare... win 8/1 doesn't recognize April 9, 2014
Fantastic device for the price I've been reading the existing reviews, and perhaps there may be inconsistency between units or I've been lucky, as my one is just perfect. I haven't been using wireless connection, as I had the luxury of connecting the network cable straight into my ADSL router - so cannot comment on WiFi. Other than that, the installation CD picked up the printer on the network first time, installed and i had a test page out within 5 min. The software comes with lots of bloatware and unnecessary utilities which load on startup and pollute the RAM, so most would be best off installing the bare-bone driver and print/scan from other programs. The printouts are fine. I've seen better, but this is perfectly adequate for the price. After a few dozens printouts, no signs of any misfeeds whatsoever. Apart from polling the scan, the device has 'scan to e-mail' and 'scan to USB stick', which are really useful features for small businesses, and otherwise only found on more expensive models. It also supports printing from a USB stick, which is helpful if one needs to print from a tablet (doesn't look like it's Google print compatible). Because of so many features, the ease of use is not the greatest - it perhaps takes too many clicks to get somewhere - which is OK for a savy IT guy, but not for an average user who just want to copy a page. March 12, 2014
Don´t buy this printer ! This printer is not a good deal ! Despite having a good price, not worth it.The whole time the printer does not recognize the paper in the trail and may need to disconnect and connect it so it starts printing. I would definitely not recommend this equipment and I would have read the reviews about this product before I bought it !! I am extremely unsatisfied with this purchase. February 13, 2014
Worst printer It is a box , not useful for any thing. for a single printout gets heated and printing stops. December 18, 2013
Worst Printer Wifi is hard to setup; Paper misfeeds every time; won't come out of sleep - need to switch of at plug every time before printing. Not impressed. August 25, 2013
Media handling It is impossible switch off Paper size check. So I can't use paper size A4 in Main tray and evently use paper size A6 in Manual feed slot. April 25, 2013
WiFi Set Up Bought about 3 weeks ago. Setting up the scanner on WiFi I found impossible and took me one and a half day. Printing the settings on the machine showed the IP address as when in fact it was n't? Don't know too much about these things. Had to enter the I.P. address in 3 different places and type 'something' in a black screen, etc. Should have got an expert in to help me but like having a baby I suppose: all forgotten now! If your situatiuon is different I'm sure with USB cable direct to your PC it should all be simple and straight forward. Extremely happy with the scanning and printing: quality, sound, colours, etc. Printer speed fast, scanning so-so, but I used to have a large Xerox 56 p/min so not fair to compare... Don't have a phone line so can't comment on the fax. RECOMMEND any day! October 20, 2012
A mess This printer has nothing to do with the quality of a Xerox printer as seen in business centers. this is a cheap, complicated printer. Wi-fi is a nightmare to set-up; each printed page has a problem in the middle; the printer doesn't like my USB key and flashes "error" all the time. Even the navigation is absolutely not intuitive. And, of course, the price of toner is much higher than anyone else. September 11, 2012
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