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Description - Document Centre 220 ST Multifunction Machine
With the Xerox Document Centre 220 ST, you can tap the full potential of your network, increasing productivity and simplifying management of network resources.

The 220 ST integrates the document services you use most: copy, print, scan, and fax into one system to serve an entire office over the network. Innovative architecture makes the 220 ST faster and easier to use than single-function document products. Use it from any desktop PC or in walk-up mode. Image quality is superb. Reliability is improved.

Product Highlights - Document Centre 220 ST Multifunction Machine
Superior document technology means you can send documents once, then print many.

The most cost effective solution for fully integrated Document Centre services. A range of available finishing capabilities.

An embedded web server, so you can access, view and use the system remotely over the Internet.

Remote job queue management, better conflict resolution, and faster switching between functions than competitive systems

Auto IQ adjusts for photos, graphics and text on the same page.

Scanning (20 pages per minute) is as easy as copying.

The 220 ST scans two-sided and handles originals up to 11 x 17".

Software Solutions - Document Centre 220 ST Multifunction Machine
Digitize . . . Organize . . . Distribute . . . Collaborate

With digital documents, you can easily create, search, re-use, and build upon your documents. Maximize your hardware investments with innovative software solutions from Xerox and Xerox Business Partners:
  • Contain costs
  • Share knowledge
  • Accelerate workflow
  • Integrate paper and electronic documents
  • Manage and distribute documents effectively
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