Copiadora/Impresora multifunción blanco y negro

  • Copy with optional print, scan, fax, email
  • Up to 35/55 pages per minute

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WorkCentre 5135/5150 Opciones y Suministros  

WorkCentre 5135/5150

The value-priced WorkCentre 5135/5150 multifunction printers maximize office productivity with the highest level of performance and advanced functionality. Plus, the WorkCentre 5135/5150 multifunction printers are loaded with features to help you manage costs and support your workplace’s environmental goals.

De un vistazo

Modelo WorkCentre 5135 WorkCentre 5150
Funciones estándar Copia
Funciones opcionales Correo electrónico, Fax, Impresión, Escaneado
Velocidad de Copia/Impresión hasta 35 ppm hasta 55 ppm
Ciclo de operación Hasta 125.000 imágenes/mes Hasta 200.000 imágenes/mes
Características técnicas detalladas
Siguientes pasos
Qué recibirá con el equipo
  • Cartuchos de tóner (capacidad: 30.000 páginas cada uno1)
  • Cable de alimentación
  • Software y documentación
  • NOTA: algunos elementos se pueden enviar por separado

Ventajas sobre la competencia

  • Easier programming of complex jobs than the competition because the WorkCentre 5135/5150 multifunction printer's walk-up interface places more than 95% of everyday jobs on the first screen
  • Less downtime than competitive products because our SMart Kit™ technology reduces the number and duration of service calls
  • More efficient multitasking than competitive products due to multiple hardware and software processors for each function - copy, print, scan and fax
  • No printing bottlenecks. The Xerox-exclusive Print Around feature holds a job needing resources (such as a different paper size) and prints the next job in the queue
  • Smallest scan file sizes in its class reduces the burden on IT infrastructure
  • Full job queue management that allows you to see, promote, or delete your jobs versus competitive products that offer limited queue management
  • Full System Common Criteria (ISO 15408) certified version is available; competitive products are not certified or only certify a kit or feature

Features that Enhance Ease-of-use

  • Print reports to quickly get information like copy activity, billing meters, fax activity and system data
  • Page-level programming of complex copy, print, or scan jobs with Build Job feature saves time, avoids mistakes, and eliminates manual collation
  • Scan originals of different sizes in one job to produce either mixed-size or common-size output
  • Real-time device status is easily seen on the print driver before you send a print job
  • Reduce user interventions with longer-lasting consumables and graphical toner level gauges on the user interface and print driver
  • Quickly learn to use even complex features with numerous user-friendly help screens
  • Intuitive print driver with the WorkCentre 5135/5150 matches those of other Xerox devices, so they are easy to use
  • Handles heavy media up to 216 gsm for high reliability and creative flexibility
  • Fax directly from your desktop with the LAN Fax feature and save time and paper

Features that Enhance Security and Control

  • IPv6 support includes full enablement of the new IPSec standard
  • Secure Print prevents unauthorized viewers from seeing documents by holding jobs in the print queue until the user is authenticated
  • Image Overwrite security feature clears or “overwrites” all trace of any document image data remaining on the hard drive after a print, copy, scan or fax job
  • Hard disk encryption ensures that unauthorized users can't access documents stored within the WorkCentre 5135/5150 multifunction printer
  • Common Access Control supports the Department of Defense's Common Access Card (CAC) user-authentication system.
  • An internal firewall provides an additional measure of security, providing IP filtering, domain filtering and port blocking
  • Full System Common Criteria (ISO 15480) Certification ensures that the entire device, not just individual components, conforms to the most stringent security standards and regulations
  • Follow-You Print lets you submit print jobs to a secure print queue and print them at the device of your choice, after ID authentication
  • Support for the Smart Card technology used by the U.S. Department of Defense for its Common Access Card (CAC) system, which protects against unauthorized access

Features that Enhance Office Efficiency

  • Advanced copy and print features. Annotation, Bates Stamping, ID Card Copy, tab print capability and page-level programming give your office more document options
  • Cutting-edge scanning functionality. Increase efficiency with Scan to Email for quick document distribution to multiple email addresses, Scan to Mailbox to store on the device and Scan to Home to send to a network folder
  • Scan format flexibility. The WorkCentre 5135/5150 lets you scan to searchable PDF or XPS formats for universal compatibility and easy archiving, organizing, searching and sharing
  • Convert documents into text files. Scan to PC Desktop™ software option offers editing and document conversion tools, including batch creation of secure PDFs from all PC applications
  • Store frequently printed documents. The Capture/Print, Save & Reprint feature lets you store scanned documents directly on the device for reprint later

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Xerox queda destacado como líder en el informe "MarketScape 2013 Smart MFP de IDC" por segundo año consecutivo. Según el informe, el desarrollo más importante para la actividad de las impresoras multifunción (MFP) Xerox durante el último año ha sido la implementación de la plataforma tecnológica ConnectKey®.


1Promedio de páginas estándar. Producción declarada con arreglo a ISO/IEC 19752. La producción variará en función de la imagen, el área de cobertura y el modo de impresión.