Monochrome laser multifunction printer

  • Print, copy, color scan, walkup fax with LAN fax
  • Save paper with automatic two-sided printing

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Product Reviews
WorkCentre 4260 3.7 5 26 27
Beware if you routinely copy less than a full 8.5 x 11 sheet We routinely copy deposit slips and checks. We have found that if you put in a business size check with one stub torn off (2/3 the length of an 8 1/2 x 11 page but just as wide) it will cut off 1/4 of the width of your check on the copy. There is no way to correct this other than feeding through the feeder or when laying on the glass, putting a full sheet of paper behind the check for the scanner to see and register. It makes no sense that if the scanner runs the full 11 inches that it would then think that there is an A4 size copy on the glass - it should also have a sensor telling it the width of your original as well as the length. It does have good copy quality but takes too long to warm up in between uses. Over all, for the price, it's not a bad machine. Just be ready for a disappointment if you are downsizing from a bigger machine. July 24, 2014
Annoying 2-sided printing and wasteful banner page difficult to disable We recently got this machine in our office and it is set up to default to for 2-sided printing, which is "green" but not what we need for many of our projects. Trying to figure out how to disable it took a long time and we still can't default it for 1- sided printing. Also the machine defaults to printing a "banner page" on every job. For a printer that bills itself as "green", this is an incredible waste of paper and again, not easy to switch off. This is an example of how companies don't have the end user in mind when they design machines. I can't imagine anyone wanting a banner page every time they print something out. If Xerox wants to encourage people to go green, they should make the machine interface clear and easy to use so the users can make the decision for themselves, instead of defaulting to this wasteful and unnecessary setting. September 11, 2013
good product for small business high yield cartridges and high volume pages per month means longer life. Happy Customer May 13, 2013
Easy to use Easy to use, quality, you have to run things a little darker. Like having the two sided and staple features. May 12, 2013
All in all a good copier All in all a good build. Pros: Rare paper jams, great support, easy for IT to guide thru functions, not so easy for regular personal. would recommend. Cons: Toner basket fills quickly, should be bigger in size. May 10, 2013
Feature Friendly! I like the touch features on product. Its easy to use and I like how it shows me how much ink we have before it runs out. May 10, 2013
Power Saver Mode I don't like that each time I go to copy or fax something, I have to wait for the machine to warm up. May 10, 2013
Great Networking Multi-function Printer 4260X w/FAX added. After nearly six months of frequent operation, we are very satisfied with this printer/FAX/copier/scanner/et cetera XEROX 4260. Being able to copy a document to USB and attached the PDF created has been a welcome addition to our office capability. The "X" model came without FAX capability, so we added the optional module, which plugged right in to the breakout panel. My only reason for four stars was the challenge of getting the system set up. It's NOT a "plug-n-play" operation. Once we got the "bugs" out of, or INTO our machine, it has been a workhorse! If I needed another multi-function, I'd add a couple of lower drawers for special paper, but the machine does EVERYTHING else! May 9, 2013
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