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Description - Document Centre 460 ST
Knowledge is power.

Knowledge shared is power multiplied.

Typically, only a small fraction of an organization's knowledge is readily accessible in a data base. The rest is locked away in documents, personal files, or the minds of employees. Your organization will be most effective when everyone can share knowledge by moving seamlessly and effortlessly between the paper and digital worlds.

The key to productivity is online access to information. The Document Centre 460 improves access to documents, both hardcopy and digital. With the 460's powerful printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities documents move effortlessly between the paper and digital worlds.

Product Highlights - Document Centre 460 ST
Two internal disk drives allow for printing and spooling without tying up your network

Highest level of concurrency in the industry - copy and print simultaneously at 55 pages per minute

Compatible with your environment - Windows NT/2000, Novell, and Unix

Also available as a stand-alone 55 ppm digital copier that can be connected to your network later

New SMart controller's Intel processor offers a more powerful easy to use multifunction solution

As your needs change, you can also add network faxing or networked job-based accounting

Compatible with the leading network management systems - CA Unicenter TNG, IBM Tivoli, Microsoft Management Console, and SNMP-compliant applications

CentreWare drivers for almost any PC operating system - Windows, Mac, and Unix

CentreWare software keeps you informed about device and job status right at your desktop

High performance RIP for today's most complex documents

Scan directly to network repositories, e-mail addresses, workflow solutions, even the web at 65 pages per minute

When you scan, select the file format - TIFF, PDF, HTML, and many others - and send it virtually anywhere, including your desktop

Remote diagnostics via Sixth Sense technology

Software Solutions - Document Centre 460 ST
Digitize . . . Organize . . . Distribute . . . Collaborate

With digital documents, you can easily create, search, re-use, and build upon your documents. Maximize your hardware investments with innovative software solutions from Xerox and Xerox Business Partners:
  • Contain costs
  • Share knowledge
  • Accelerate workflow
  • Integrate paper and electronic documents
  • Manage and distribute documents effectively
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