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WorkCentre 6605

Product Reviews
WorkCentre 6605 3.5 5 20 20
Very nice MFP I bought this machine to replace our 6180MFP. The Xerox 6605DN MFP is fast, excellent quality and easy to use. The touch screen is excellent, easy to use, fast and responsive when entering an email address to send a scanned document. Toner cartridge hold only the toner and does not have the imaging unit built in.... i like this design better... should provide lower cost toner. Overall very nice.... I would purchase again. October 15, 2012
Replacement Part Costs Quickly Add Up Wish this was a good review.... Our office has had this printer for 18 months. During the last 6 months, we have replaced the Imaging Unit Drum Kit twice - each time paying over half what the machine is worth to have a technician replace the kit. This kit is not covered under warranty. Less than one month after the second replacement, the same problem has happened again. Needless to say, we will be purchasing another, higher quality printer. November 12, 2014
Cannot Print Self-Sealing Envelopes This multifunction unit cannot print envelopes with a self-adhesive flap without resulting in significant wrinkling. August 24, 2014
Could'nt be happier with this purchase Printing wireless and mobile print is huge in our office and for the price you could not go wrong on this one. Great color quality and overall great buy! July 23, 2014
machine does not measure up to Xerox quality of past This machine has numerous idiosyncrasies that make it a pain for multiple users here. I have contacted Xerox multiple times about one particular item but there they offer no real fix. Sad, I have always been a steadfast xerox supporter/user. July 9, 2014
This MFU is solid & Reliable Our organization has 12 of the 6605 MFU's in use for approximately 1 year Scanning is very crisp & clear copies & color very good Overall the printers are very reliable Xerox Centerware Software to manage the printers works great 1 negative to the MFU is the cost of toner is very expensive. For a very low volume user that may not be an issue. I think Xerox should offer volume discounting so they can be in line with other manufacturers supplies. June 25, 2014
Native Mac OS X 10.9.3 Support I wrote a review in the recent past for this product and my core complaint was the Mac OS X driver support. A few days after getting the printer Apple issued 10.9.3 and scanning works natively from the built-in app including the document feeder. Now if Xerox will fix SMTP based printing to allow the use of TLS/STARTTLS I would give the printer 5 stars. One of the best multifunction printers on the market in terms of reliability and usability. June 1, 2014
The WorkCentre 6605 Xerox WorkCentre 6605 I have very fond memories of the Xerox machine at my dad's office. I researched countless book reports and grabbed articles from corporate tech journals with the assistance of this gigantic machine. So for me the Xerox brand represents the ultimate office utility brand. Not something you necessarily need every day, but when you do need it you want it to work and without an excessive amount of complication. The whole experience hinges on the big Green button that should do exactly what you expect. Bang. Copy. A couple of years ago we replaced my bulletproof workgroup-type black-and-white laser printer for and inkjet photo printer, or a mediocre printer, copier, scanner, and non-existent fax technology wrapped in shiny black plastic. The useless touchscreen, the junk apps on the machine, eFax, the endless waste of ink jet cartridges that dry out between use, eFax, the document feeder that didn't work, the terrible drivers, and eFax. eFax. If the world were just there would be a law against selling these sorts of machines. So I finally decided to break down and order that printer that seemed to tick off the boxes, made by Xerox, and had a price tag that says, I'm not a toy. When Posten brought my new Xerox WorkCentre 6605 on a palette Wednesday the box also says, I'm not a toy. I have experience with a similar Xerox model, hence the purchase. I knew upfront the machine had some deficiencies but its brother had gotten me through a number of scanning, printing, and faxing emergencies and none of the deficiencies had to do with the hardware. The document feeder worked reliably, the copy quality and print quality was pretty good. Now you may ask yourself why does anyone care about such technologies anymore or isn't fax over and in large part I would agree with you. Yet, these days it is nearly impossible to find a fax machine and even harder to find a decent printer or copier and sometimes you just need one. If you're dealing with any business in the US, you need a fax machine on occasion. Is this surprising coming from a country that still writes checks? So I just wanted to have this tool at my disposal, just like a good quality cordless drill or those nice german screwdrivers. ### Unboxing The Xerox logo... Wow. Did they hit that with an ugly stick? Gone was the genius 90s partially pixellated logo and here is embodied every bad corporate logo change of the last 10 years. UPS, American Airlines, Yahoo represent! Can you believe UPS ditched a Paul Rand logo for that pseudo-3D shiny logo they are using now? The actual printer case's design is reasonable for a machine that would spend its life in a closet, not horrible. This printer's outside is definitely not something designed by Apple. ### Touchscreen interface. Once you plug the machine and turn it on the first thing you notice is the touchscreen. It works. Physically not as good as an iPhone touchscreen, but it works without stabbing it like photo printer's touchscreen. This should be the case since Xerox has been doing touch screen copier interfaces forever. The interface design is reasonable although the entire interface could use a rethink seems too underlying technology centric, the icons are ugly, modal views everywhere, the onscreen keyboard is terrible. Imagine a Nokia S60 feature phone interface and you have the basic idea. When standing at the machine copying works great. ### Printing from a Mac and an iPhone (AirPrint) Printing from a Mac and iPhone works. The printer was immediately discovered via Bonjour (mDNS) and you can print. The only thing that alarmed me was the lack of a Scanner option in the Mac printer utility which is normal for multifunction devices like this. The photo printer has it. Print quality is good enough for my purposes and is what I would generally expect from a color laser printer. ### Scanning Scanning from the Mac doesn't work. The theory is you should be able to just use the Mac's per device Printer/Scanner utility. This is usually just accessed by typing the brand name of the machine in spotlight and this not so wonderful but functional utility pops up that allows you to complete this mundane task. The aforementioned photo printer managed this, although with mixed results. My photo printer would just stop responding after a scan or three. Since this basic function was missing I assumed they must provide a special Xerox branded driver and tool for this purpose. I went to Xerox's website and looked for this and two things became clear, Xerox cannot design websites and for Mavericks they offer a redundant printer driver since this feature works out of the box. ### Administrative interface The printer's administrative web interface is ugly. I mean really, really ugly. The interface can be summarized as follows, a folder based scheme of technologies exposed to the user with all the elegance of a comma-delimited configuration file. Tons of technologies like LPR, PCL, FTP, SMB, SNTP, SNMP, Kerberos, IPSec just thrown into the interface. Let's just take something simple like the time sync protocol. Why should I have to configure this by default? Shouldn't it configure itself out of the box? Why does the printer support Central European Summertime (CEST) incorrectly? My brand new Xerox printer displays time off by one hour. Email Settings is what I was looking for because I may not be able to scan directly to my device, but I could in theory email the results to myself. In theory this is a workable solution but their SMTP support can't handle SSL, TLS or STARTTLS any of which is a requirement for a modern mail service like Gmail or iCloud. So basically scanning is locked behind poor software. ### Summary Xerox cannot write software. This printer's insides are definitely not something designed by Apple. The WorkCentre brand is saddled by tons of unnecessary legacy technologies and lack of support for current ones. I hope that Xerox can turn this around, but in the mean time I have to determine how to return this product. May 16, 2014
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