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WorkCentre 6505

Product Reviews
WorkCentre 6505 3.9 5 49 49
Enjoying my 6505 After using another multifunction printer I was ready for an upgrade. I reviewed the available products and called to talk to a Zerox sales rep for further information. I decided on the 6505 for its size, reliability ratings, quality of color printing and speed. I did have to call to get all the features working correctly after I upgraded my computer but it was easy and help was there when I needed it. Customer service is great, the product is great and I enjoy having a reliable tool at my convenience. Thanks Zerox. October 23, 2014
I love love love Xerox products! My experience with Xerox goes back probably 20 years to a flatbed with sheet feeder copier. I currently have a workcenter 6505n, purchased March of 2012. I always buy product insurance and I almost have never needed to use it but when I do service is fast and efficient. Customer support has always been outstanding, yes outstanding. No long on hold waiting, no overseas support representatives; just issue identification and results. I will always purchase Xerox for my home accounting office and will always recommend their products, with insurance; which is very cost effective. Thank you for an excellent product and service. Bravo, you earned it! February 4, 2015
this product has been handy good buy for small business, Quality and ease of use is amazing. January 13, 2015
Startup Company All In One WorkCentre 6505 I have had this equipment for nearly 2 years. My copier, scanner, printer, fax has been running like a gem. AND, I know that if there was anything wrong the Concierge service would kick in to take care of any problem. I recommend these devices completely with no reservation whatsoever! The output is magnificent and always makes a hit with our readers. Thank you Xerox! Ruben G. Zamorano December 1, 2014
Toner is expensive for the life span We are a small office. We seem to run thru ink cartridges excessively fast. We buy the high capacity cartridges which are for 3000 copies. The ink cartridges are on the expensive side. October 8, 2014
Terrible with many flaws I've bought 3 of these printers since they stopped making the Phaser 6180 MFP and I have to say that these printers are trash. The imager or developer will go out on a regular basis and require a replacement. Eventually the printer will not be able to read the toner installed and ask you to insert the toner cartridge when it is already inserted. Excess toner will build up inside the printer and cause the feeder roller to be unable to pick up paper from the tray and cause a paper jam every time. They tried to separate the drum from the toner cartridge in the model, but that made this printer have way too many problems. I still have Phaser 6180 MFPs running fine while these are constantly dying. September 23, 2014
Garbage, spend the extra $ and get the 6605 We purchased three of these printers. After 1 year we have had to replace 2 of them. They are disposable printers... the place we purchased them from a year ago will not even give us anything for them towards an upgrade. As the IT guy, I hate replacing toner every week for the same printer... This thing is a toner hog! This printer is at best a low usage home printer, anything medium to high for business use I would not recommend. We have upgraded to the 6605, the big brother, as recommended by our supplier and have been satisfied. September 15, 2014
Just Another Disposable Printer - Life Span Approximately 1000 sheets PRO: Seemingly durable mechanisms, installation set up relatively easy, fast wake up, fast print, wonderful print quality. Printed roughly 1000 sheets in color mode and still have all three original color cartridges, just recently changed out the original black cartridge. Seemed to use toner conservatively. Overall initial impression of this unit leads the user to believe that this is a quality machine knocking out quality prints and copies! ……………. but then the party is over and reality sets in…………….. CON: Noisy when in operation, heavy bulky unit. Defective circuitry, “Controller Error code 116-317” appeared on our unit after two years of service and roughly 1000 sheets of paper printed. For those who have yet to experience this error code, it is Xerox’s version of the blue screen of death. This error is caused by defective circuitry on one of two circuit boards thus transforming your WorkCentre 6505 into a 100+ pound paperweight. COMMENTS: If you are a small business owner, you had better purchase the service contract. Xerox will frequently steer you towards a contract that is just right for you and your budget. This will be an essential expenditure necessary to repair the Xerox defect(s) you will encounter. If you are not a small business owner and simply plan to use it in your home for the family and do not want to pay the annual fees for the service contract because you anticipate minimal use and think you have a mechanically durable piece of equipment built by a historically reputable corporation, consider: 1) Once the warranty has expired and you have not purchased a service contract, you are on your own. PERIOD! Xerox has no concern for the integrity of their brand. Xerox defects are your problem. Need to repair the defective Xerox circuitry, no problem…………as the Xerox website proudly proclaims…………..”have your credit card ready when calling.” 2) When you realize that Xerox has marketed you a disposable Workcentre 6505 and you are unwilling to pay to repair the Xerox defect(s), you will at this point need to enlist the assistance of a neighbor to help you transport and then lift this rather heavy disposable Xerox printer up into the electronic recycle dumpster at the county landfill. The final prideful moment you share with your seemly durable yet proven disposable Xerox Workcentre 6505 starts at the point you and your neighbor hoist it over the edge of the dumpster. At that point gravity takes over hurling it ever so briskly into the pile of small inferior lightweight disposable plastic printers and miscellaneous electronics congregated at the bottom of the dumpster. Like a wrecking ball crashing through an abandoned building, this disposable Xerox WorkCertre 6505 destroys all in its path as it plunges towards the bottom of the dumpster sending plumes of plastic and glass fragments in all directions. Bottom line, today’s Xerox is not your parent’s Xerox. What a big disappointment. If you do purchase this unit we hope your experience is better than ours! Good luck and buyer beware! July 10, 2014
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