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READ THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE A XEROX 6015NI I have this printer and I am VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY unimpressed. TOTALLY! First of all - this printer does not print straight for me. This is the second one that Xerox has sent me. They are sending me a third one. For those of you who do have this printer, I recommend you print out a system informational page through the machine directly. Take notice of any horizontal lines on the informational pages - they may not be straight. In other words, horizontal lines (which are lines going across) may slightly slant up or down. You may have to look at it twice or use a ruler, but if you look closely it may not be a straight line. If you are interested in testing it further, go into Word and create a square border on a page. To do this: - Open Word - Click the “Design” tab in the ribbon - Click the “Page Borders” button (usually at the end of the ribbon). - On the left, under “Setting”, choose “Box” and click “OK” button. - Now print the page. If you look at the top/bottom, and left/right margins, the thickness from the border to end of the page should be even, but I bet’s it not – and that’s unacceptable - especially if you’re presenting. Try copying or scanning a document by placing it perfectly straight in the scan bed or document feeder. I bet it won’t come out straight. For me, nothing is perfectly straight. Xerox told me on the phone that my paper was bad, would you believe that! They had me running all over New York State looking for laser paper without specific weight and brightness specifications. Guess what. After running around like a chicken with its head cut off, the paper wasn’t even an issue! I mean this is totally ridiculous. And Xerox, if you have any complaint about my review because you think it’s slander, remove it, but I’ll make sure I post it more places. June 9, 2014
too complicated to use I bought this printer a while ago. You need to take a training course to use this printer. Too much wasting time, not worth buying it. June 7, 2014
Can't turn off Power Saver = can't receive faxes This printer is not that user friendly. It won't answer incoming faxes once it goes into power saver mode. One can't turn off the Power Saver mode and the longest it can be off is 60 minutes. Therefore at night when no one is here to push the power saver button every 60 minutes to keep the machine on, it won't receive incoming faxes. We even had two IT people look at the machine to try to figure out how to get it to answer faxes at night. No one can figure it out since the power saver can't be turned off. We had to pull out our old fax machine just so we can fax. That's ridiculous. This is supposed to be an all-in-one machine, which is one of the reasons we bought it. We want to return it but the store won't take it back because we've had it over 1 month. Other issues: The auto doc feeder also only holds 15 pages at a time. It should be larger. When you want a black & white scan, anything in color on the original barely shows up. One has to make a black and white copy of a color document in order to get a black & white scan. April 3, 2014
Poor network connection always always drop off wifi and printing quality was good March 11, 2014
Not compatible with Mac I bought this model to scan directly to my Mac over the network (Cat5). After looking at the resources online, I contacted customer service who only sent me some standard FAQ references which did not help setup the scan destination on my Mac. I was not able to speak to human being, this is disappointing for a $400+ product. The printer quality is nice but there are much cheaper option if that is all you are looking for. February 22, 2014
Simple, reliable, no surprises, 4-star approval! We got this multi-function printer for a small auditor team office. The full set-up (including WiFi authentication) was easy and I never had to read the manual to get it working. The LCD screen prompts are quite logical and intuitive to follow. The small footprint is a big positive, it does not dominate the desktop and the unit's beige colour scheme works really well -- other manufacturers offer all-black units that are very ugly. The front-loading USB port makes it really easy to scan documents for fast transfer to the memory stick. I set up the office laptops with 4 presets in their print configurations -- B/W DRAFT, B/W FULL, COLOR DRAFT, and COLOR FULL -- and we made B/W DRAFT mode the default. This saves toner and in draft mode the quality is still very good and readable. Only for formal printing of client documents do we choose the full- quality options. So with that economy in mind, the toner consumption is very modest and affordable. The output speed for a first print is a bit slow, but in practice, we don't mind and it is not a crippling issue at all. It's a pleasure to use this printer. We studied the market for weeks and were getting quite confused but in the end, it has proven to be a great choice. January 4, 2014
Spectacular compact printer for the money This was the first time I have ever purchased a Xerox all-in-one MFP for home office use, and I'm very impressed. Great looking machine, compact, easy to use, great quality and speed, fully compatible with Macs and PCs, great scanning quality. I'm used to using larger Xerox machines in the office and was surprised that the control panel, user interface was very similar, just on a smaller scale. My only complaint is that the scanning is not accessible on the network from a Mac or PC. You have to be connected via USB. But otherwise a great machine! December 25, 2013
Great printer! It takes a bit time to connect the computer and printer through Wifi, but everything else is easy and printing great. It works with our two computers: Windows and Mac. December 2, 2013
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