Colour multifunction laser printer

  • Five colour server and controller options
  • Print up to 60 ppm colour, 75 ppm black

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  • DocuColor 242/252/260 slide1
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The DocuColor 242/252/260 is no longer sold as new. You might like to consider the replacement product.

Xerox® Color C60/C70 

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DocuColor 242/252/260

Toner Cartridges

Part #Description
006R90362DC260 Toner Cartridge Black
006R90363DC260 Toner Cartridge Y
006R90364DC260 Toner Cartridge M
006R90365DC260 Toner Cartridge C

Routine Maintenance Items

Part #DescriptionCapacity1
008R12990Xerox Colour 500 series Waste Toner Container50,000
013R00602DC242/252 - WC7655/65/75 Black Drum Cartridge231,000
013R00603DC242/ - WC7655/65/75 Colour Drum Cartridge100,000
013R00631DC260 Black Drum Cartridge Replaced by 013R00602
013R00632DC260 Colour Drum Cartridge Replaced by 013R00603

Other Supplies

Part #DescriptionCapacity
008R12925Staple Cartridge for Finisher with Booklet Maker20,000 staples
008R12941Staple Refills for Advanced & Professional Finishers & Convenience Stapler15,000 staples
008R12964Staple Cartridge for Advanced and Professional Finishers & Convenience Stapler5,000 staples
008R13041Staple Cartridge for Light Production Finisher20,000 staples

Upgrades and Accessories

Part #Description
008R13039DC260 Fuser Module 220V
097N01584EFI Bustled Controller for DC242/252/262
097S03620Tri Folder C/Z Folder (Light Production Finisher)
098N02175512MB Memory Option for Bustled Controller
098N02177Control Station Option
252KD1242/252 Tk/Ru/Ukgen/Frgen Country Kit
252KUK242/252 UK/Ie Country Kit
260KD1242/252 Tk/Ru/Ukgen/Frgen Country Kit
260KUK260 UK/Ie Country Kit
301N26480Color Profiler v2.0 Option
301N27830EFI Compose V2.1 option Replaced by 301N42750
497K03290Swedish Hole Punch (Light Production Finishers)
498K12251Advanced/ Professional Finisher Mobility Plate Kit
498K14140Foreign Interface Kit Replaced by 498K14141
498K14141Foreign Interface
498K16290A4 HCF Mobility Plate Kit
498N00892Hot Folder Dongle (standard on DC260, option for DC242 & DC252) for Bustled Controller
498N00936Impose v2.7 Kit Option for bustled controller Replaced by 498N01772
498N00937Graphics Art Kit Replaced by 498N01645

1 Approximate pages. Declared Yield on Drums based on an average job size of 3 pages A4/letter size. Declared Yield on Fusers based on A4/letter size 20 lb (75 gsm) pages. Drum and Fuser Yields will vary based on job run length, media type, size, weight, orientation, and usage patterns.