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ColorQube 8900

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Product Reviews
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Good value The solid ink looks different than regular laser, but I think I like it better. Provides very vibrant colours. The machine is very easy to use with one of the largest colour screens I've seen on a product this size. The print speed is good, but very large jobs are a bit slow to process compared to full size MFPs. January 17, 2013
Worst printer I've ever had to work with Cons: 1. Crayon smell from the printer 2. Must leave power on constantly 3. Ink peels off paper 4. Ink does not adhere to other mediums (labels, etc) 5. Ink fades 6. If ink is reintroduced to heat (sunlight), will melt and fuse adjacent paper together 7. Touchscreen interface is slow and not well thought-out 8. Scanner quality is poor 9. Generates heat (in order to keep ink blocks melted) Pros: It does hold down the printer stand and is an excellent paper weight October 31, 2014
Continuous paper feed jams every day -true(with paper) or not (without paper)- From September 2013 to May 2014, XEROX have instaled 3 CQ8900 in our plant -all new-, and all failed in the same way... Xerox technical support did not find the problem. Do they care about it? Every day is a headache day with this printer model. It has been my worst printer experience in 20 years. Horrible! June 6, 2014
Headache in a Qube I use the ColorQube 8900 for my office, and it is by far the worst printer I've ever worked with. The Ink is wax based, so anytime you have to laminate a piece of paper, the ink melts and smears on the pages. If you are doing a large printing it takes way longer than any other printer. Changing paper and telling the printer which type of paper you are using is difficult most of the time. Paper almost always gets jammed and will take about 15 minutes for the printer to reset itself and fix the problems. The scanner on the top of the printer, while it scans in color, is very low quality. When a scanned copy of an ID or photo comes out it looks like an oil pastel painting. Lastly the stand by time and reset time are ridiculous and take about 20 minutes for the printer to turn itself on. May 12, 2014
Do Not Buy or Lease Ok color looked good but what are all those speckles, not even several times taking the machine apart replacing most of the parts has solved this issue. Ink gets stuck easily then takes too long to get tech here , may have cost us a proposal. Scan to pdf only on one setting works...etc Slow on large jobs sometimes loses the next one sent. July 16, 2013
This is a waste of money I had the 6605 and needed something more cost effective for colored printing and xerox representative adviced the 8900 and I found out the hard way that he did not know what he was talking me into. This machine takes forever to start and warm up and I mean forever, then it only prints if it wants to print and that is true because it sometimes would print and other times would give error messages that only it can understand, like "job awaiting resources" when everything is there, then all I do is cancel the job and reorder the same exact job and it would print just fine. Just fine meaning the mechanics of printing where unlike other reviews below I never got any paper jams but again I have hardly used the machine because of its major problem where unlike what they promise about its vibrant color printing, the colors are not the colors we know, so I print a flyer on the 6605 and it comes out blue as it should but I go print it on the 8900 and it comes out greenish- turquoise color. I contacted xerox and after being on the phone for more than 30 minutes with tech support, they decide the brand new just out of the box machine needs cleaning and they send me a cleaning kit which not surprisingly was a waste of my time as the colors are still not the colors my eyes have forever known. July 12, 2013
Noisy, colour faded very fast, specialy in contact with sun. Very desapointing, don't recommend. June 19, 2013
i like it better than the 8860. I like the 8900 better than the 8860 but mostly because i have a fax and scanner now. Printing is very slow and seems like have to power off and on alot because of not being able to print. Also very hard to clear jams. May 17, 2013
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