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ColorQube 8700

New ConnectKey software adds features and fixes for your ColorQube product, and wins rave reviews from customers around the world.

Product Reviews
ColorQube 8700 3.5 5 37 37
Makes me feel good We were looking at several copiers during our buying cycle. The sales rep really sold us on two key points. 1. Easy to use and load ink is so easy I still can't believe it. No mess and we never run out because we just add another stick. Color is great too. 2. Most environmental product. The other competitors told us how much energy is used on the 8700 and was not environmental. But Xerox said it is best carbon footprint and showed us reports from multiple 3rd party companies and backed it up. Plus there is no waste because there is no toner cartridges. We are really happy. A little louder than the other products but benefits outweigh the noise. October 31, 2012
Xerox 8700 Great for Networked Office Environment We run a high quality, high volume spay/neuter clinic in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area. We have a network of PC's. As a high volume service we needed a fast printer that could easily and quickly print client records, certificates and receipts. We also needed to print big colorful flyers advertising our services. We also needed other standard office equipment: copier, fax machine and scanner. However we didn't have room for each individual machine, so an All in One was our best solution. We've worked with Xerox Phasers before and were very happy with the outputs. The ColorQube 8700 was basic set up pretty easy to install and set up. It has a pretty fast warm up time and so far very few problems with paper jams, etc. It has tons of capabilities in terms of networking with the office network, our web server and the internet in general. However, in order to get some of the options working you do need more than basic knowledge about your network and sever. October 31, 2012
ColorQube 8700 Feedback This printer has excellent color print quality. This printer can have a delay when you print to it. I prefer an instant print once you request a document be printed. Wish the faxes were stored in memory for confirmation information at a later date. The scan features works well. March 20, 2015
It's a printer It prints, it scans, it faxes, it's FIPS compliant, it plays nice with Active Directory, it is not a fan of DFS shares, I wish the drum scraper was part of the maintenance kit insted of haveing to have a tech come out to replace it, As Long as you print enough to keep the Xerox econcierge service active it is not a big deal other than I have to waste an hour watching the tech due to security policy. The supplies are what is probably the coolest, they take up little to no space, other than the maintenance kit and you can just top them off every so often and no one ever has to complain that the printer is out of toner X. March 20, 2015
tHIS PRODUCT IS GOOD BUT... We have had many issues with this machine because it likes to pull the paper from its own decision of going to the manual load tray. We have tried many times to correct this issue but it has a mind of its own. Other than that, this is a good product if you are a super tech gadget person to sit and have patience to figure this machine out. March 20, 2015
This product has great priniting quality I would recommend this product for the efficiency and the quality of the printing it produces. The only complaint I would make is that the printer does print slowly and prints rather delayed at times. January 15, 2015
Excelent for Small Business Needs The color cube is very efficient with the "ink" cubes. I feel they have a much longer life span than our previous Phaser solid Ink Multifunction Machine. The Interface is extremely easy to use! January 14, 2015
The product does everything I need it to do Good machine. I like the Xerox quality. December 9, 2014
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