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Law Firm Succeeds with Document Scanning
See how McReynolds & Tye law firm increased productivity and reduced paper use with Xerox Scan to PC Desktop.

Share, store, process and save with Xerox Document Scanning Solutions

Did you know that there are hard dollar costs associated with each paper document that you file? Think for a moment about how many paper documents your office handles and files on a daily basis. With our document scanning solutions, you can reduce your costs and overcome information overload by making documents easy to find and share. When you use document scanning with your Xerox multifunction printer (MFP), you can increase productivity by transforming hardcopy documents into usable, structured data. Distributing, editing, repurposing, storing and retrieving your documents electronically makes your organization more productive every day so you can dedicate more time to running your critical business functions.

Converting your paper documents to electronic data eliminates manual filing which reduces labor and the chance for errors. You also get the peace of mind knowing that your critical information is safe from loss due to disasters and other circumstances beyond your control that can destroy your paper documents. And electronic data is easily integrated with multiple destinations, seamlessly connecting your data to email, content management systems, fax systems and internal and external clients.

Emailing your scanned documents can also help your bottom line as you eliminate costly shipping charges. And you get the added benefit of helping the environment as reducing the amount of documents you create and ship helps to lower your carbon footprint.

We offer document scanning software to solve a wide variety of business challenges.

Your Business Challenges:

  • Securely sharing information with multiple people
  • Finding a more efficient, less costly alternative to overnight delivery of paper documents
  • Scanning documents directly to your PC desktop where you may edit them
  • Combining hardcopy documents with PDFs and Microsoft Office files into a single PDF
  • Easily organizing and finding important information. Manually filing hardcopy documents is inefficient
  • Moving information online to protect critical documents from being physically lost or destroyed
  • Converting hardcopy documents into searchable PDFs
  • Naming and routing scanned images based on barcode information
  • Tracking information sent for regulatory compliance