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CopyCentre™ C2128/C2636/C3545 at a glance

Model CCC2128 CCC2636 CCC3545
Standard functions Copy
Optional functions Fax
Copy speed Colour: up to 21 ppm
Black: up to 28 ppm
Colour: up to 26 ppm
Black: up to 36 ppm
Colour: up to 35 ppm
Black: up to 45 ppm
Maximum duty cycle 50,000 70,000 90,000
Detailed specifications
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Competitive Edge

  • Know your data will be secure with the only color device with Common Criteria Certification from the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).
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  • Virtually unlimited scan and program ahead while the device is busy printing another job. This true multi-tasking means you never have to wait!
  • A wide array of finishing options, from an office finisher to a professional finisher that includes up to 50-sheet stapling, saddle-stitch booklet making and hole punching.
  • Next generation Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Toner is grown utilizing a patented process, rather than ground, resulting in very small and consistent particles. You get better image quality and a uniform finish that's free from shiny spots or oil streaks.
  • Job Queue shows all jobs queued in the system and allows easy job prioritization.
  • Robust, productive, easy to use Build Job feature enables special programming for different pages in document.
  • Modular and upgradeable configurations - you pay for the features you need and can customize and upgrade your device to suit your office requirements.
  • Effortlessly handles a wide variety of media from all trays - from light paper or heavyweight stock, to envelopes or tabloid paper.
  • Built-in reliability that you control. The device predicts and prevents downtime. It tells you ahead of time when to replace the Smart Kit components (replaceable modules) so you're up and running without waiting for a service call.
  • Security features such as Image Overwrite makes image data left on hard drivers undecipherable.
  • Smart paper trays automatically sense the paper size loaded, eliminating confusion, inadvertent paper jams and potential machine downtime.
  • A large, easy to use colour touch screen graphical interface and integrated control panel provides convenient access to all advanced features.

Features that Reduce Cost

  • Auditron allows you to monitor colour usage and restrict or control it by allowing only certain accounts to print in colour.
  • Multi-up prints multiple pages on a single sheet, saving paper.
  • Black-and-white copying costs comparable to a black-and-white only device, so you do not have to have a separate device for colour.
  • Automatic 2-sided copying saves on paper costs and is environmentally friendly.
  • Negative image feature for black-and-white images with a lot of background saves toner consumption.
  • High-quality colour printed in-house so you don't wait nervously for your colour printing sent to the print shop.
  • Delayed send fax allows you to fax.

Features that Save Time

  • Scan ahead allows you to program and scan ahead even when the device is busy printing.
  • Fast page out time of 6.1 seconds, reduces wait time at the copier. Most documents are fewer than 5 pages so how fast the first page is delivered is a key indicator of copier performance.
  • Stored programming allows you to store commonly used jobs in memory, so you recall the job quickly, load the originals and press start.
  • Finishing like hole punching and booklet making in-line so its ready for distribution without additional work.
  • Consumable supplies are long-lasting and designed to be easily replaced by anyone and without a service call.
  • Job queue management so you can quickly view the jobs in the system with the ability to promote, delete and hold jobs to improve efficiency.
  • Build job enables programming complex jobs without the need for manual collation.
  • Two-line fax so you can send and receive faxes at the same time.

Features that Enhance Productivity

  • Build job to divide a job into numerous segments and apply unique programming to each individual segment like a photograph where you might want some unique imaging options.
  • Covers allow you to feed the front or back cover page of the document from a different media tray, with or without imaging and also one-sided or two-sided imaging.
  • Mixed-sized originals allows you to scan originals of different sizes in one job to produce either mixed size or common sized output.
  • Auto Reduce/Enlarge proportionally reduces or enlarges the image on the copies based on the size of the original and the size of the selected output paper.
  • Auto Tray Selection where the machine chooses the correct paper for the copy job based on the size of the originals being scanned.
  • Auto 2-sided printing allows you to print on both sides of the paper without reloading sheets.
  • Booklet Creation reduces the size of each page by 50% and prints two pages per sheet. It prints the pages in the correct order so the document can be folded and stapled to form a booklet.
  • Multi-up enables printing of more than one page on a single sheet. One-up, two-up or as many as 36-up printing on the same page. This environmentally friendly feature decreases the consumption of paper and ink.
Software Solutions - CopyCentre C2128/C2636/C3545
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