innovative printing
The ColorQube 9300 series is today’s innovative printing technology. It combines our legacy of advanced multifunction product leadership with our proven solid ink technology, which has a track record of reliability. The ColorQube 9300 series uses solid sticks of clean, safe ink instead of toner or inkjet cartridges.

The ColorQube device is also equipped with the Xerox Next Generation Smart Controller Platform, which offers the latest network and security protocols to get your work done reliably and quickly — as fast as 95 pages per minute. ColorQube 9301/9302/9303 truly delivers innovative printing with revolutionary A3 printer technology.
ColorQube 9300 Series with easy drop-in solid ink sticks

Drop-in Ink Loading

Each solid ink stick is uniquely shaped for easy drop-in loading and ink can be topped off at anytime.
ColorQube 9300 Series has a long-life cleaning unit

Long-life Replaceable Cleaning Unit

Long-term print capacities and a single, long-life cleaning unit are part of Xerox's innovative printing technology that results in fewer interventions to load supplies.
ColorQube 9300 Series has easy to use touch screen

Intuitive Touch-Screen Display

Large icons are displayed in full color on the front panel. This innovative printing display allows quick access to job and device status, help videos and troubleshooting tips.
ColorQube 9300 Series produces vibrant color with solid ink

Vibrant Print Quality

Because solid ink is transferred from the print drum to the paper in a precise state, the ink does not spread into the paper. This innovative printing method makes its color quality far less dependent on the paper’s surface, allowing it to maintain excellent color quality on a broad range of media types.
ColorQube 9300 Series paper path light

Illuminated Paper Path

In the unlikely event of a paper jam, a lighted path makes it easy to locate and remove the paper.
ColorQube 9300 Series handles large size paper and two-sided output

Paper Handling

Two 550-sheet trays hold paper sizes up to 11x17 in., Tray 3 holds up to 2,100 sheets of letter-size paper, and a 100-sheet Bypass Tray handles media up to 12 x 18 in. and weights up to 80 lb. cover. Plus, two-sided output is standard on all ColorQube™ 9300 series models as part of Xerox's ongoing commitment to innovative printing.
ColorQube 9300 Series has a range of finishing options

Finishing Options

Range from basic staple and hole punch to advanced paginated, saddle-stitched, folded booklets and Z- and C-folded brochures.
ColorQube 9300 Series delivers vibrant color on any paper

Consistent Color

Solid Ink innovative printing technology enables low cost of color while producing consistently rich and saturated colors even on recycled and inexpensive papers, including duplex prints.
ColorQube 9300 Series demonstration

Virtual Demo

Interact with the virtual demo at the top of this page to see what makes the ColorQube 9300 series such a groundbreaking leader in innovative printing.
Other Solid Ink Products

Other Solid Ink Products

Solid ink is not unique to the ColorQube 9300 series. We’ve built solid ink technology into desktop printers and multifunction printers since 1991. Check out our full line of solid ink products, including printers and multifunction printers for small and midsized workgroups.