Let the ColorQube 9300 series help put you on the path to a greener workplace.

Environmental Benefits

ColorQube 9300 Series uses less power and meets ENERGY STAR standards

ENERGY STAR® Qualified

The ColorQube 9300 series meets stringent standards for reduced power consumption. A product’s Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) is a key factor in receiving ENERGY STAR status.
ColorQube 9300 Series environmental printing uses solid ink sticks instead of cartridges

Cartridge-free means local recycling

Unlike toner cartridges, solid ink waste is primarily a small amount of packaging, which can be recycled locally using your usual method.
ColorQube 9300 Series environmental printing for less waste

Reduce Printing Waste

Cartridge-free solid ink is a true consumable, producing up to 90% less printing waste than comparable color laser devices. For instance, after printing 12,500 pages a month for 4 years, a solid ink product’s waste amounts to 18 kg vs. a whopping 151 kg of waste from a laser device.
Xerox offers a variety of recycled paper and high-yield paper

Responsible Materials

Xerox advances your green initiatives by offering a wide variety of papers with up to 100% post-consumer waste as well as High Yield Business Paper that uses half the trees of conventional office paper.
ColorQube 9300 Series helps reduce paper usage

Reduce Paper Consumption

Use as much as 50 percent less paper with automatic two-sided printing and copying.
Automatically highlights and removes unwanted pages prior to printing

Free GreenPrint™ Software

Save paper, ink, money and trees with software that automatically highlights and removes unwanted pages prior to printing. Solid ink product owners may download GreenPrint software for free.
Solid ink is good for people and the environment

Clean, Safe, Solid Ink

No-mess, non-toxic solid ink is safe for anyone to handle and won't stain clothes, skin, or furniture.