Low Cost Color

low cost color
Now you can afford to print color in every document every day. The ColorQube 9300 series offers a variety of billing plans to make the price of color affordable for offices everywhere.
low cost of color

Change the way you pay for color

Most metered plans charge the same price for a small amount of color on a page as they do for full color. ColorQube 9300 series pricing plans completely change this pricing paradigm by only charging you for the actual color you print. Now your office can utilize low cost color printing for documents at low-color coverage.

One example of a flexible pricing plan—the three-tier pricing plan—divides prints into three categories:

ColorQube 9300 Series for black and white printing with useful color Black Plus Useful Color
Black-only pages and pages with low color coverage (such as typical emails, memos and Microsoft Word documents) are billed at the black-only rate, enabling very low cost color printing.

ColorQube 9300 Series for everyday color printing Everyday Color
Pages with moderate color coverage (such as typical flyers and Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint documents) are billed at slightly more than the black-only rate.

ColorQube 9300 Series for expressive, vibrant color printing Expressive Color
Pages with high color coverage (such as typical photos, brochures, newsletters and marketing materials) are billed at the current market rate for color.

What does this mean for your business? Use the Cost Savings Calculator to see how low cost color printing with the ColorQube 9300 series can revolutionize your color printing costs.

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How much could you save?

Curious about how much you can save and where your documents fall into the three-tier plan? Use these tools to help you.

Cost Savings Calculator
Every office has particular color printing demands. Use this tool to calculate how much you could save printing color every day with the ColorQube 9300 series three-tier pricing plan compared to your current metered plan.
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Analyze your documents with the Xerox 3 Tier Tool
The ColorQube 9300 series pricing plans save you money by classifying your prints by the amount of color on the page. Use this tool to analyze a document you would typically print in color and see how much it would cost on the ColorQube 9300 series three-tier pricing plan for low cost color printing.
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