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Color by Words natural-language color selection

You don't have to be a color expert to make the grass greener or the sky bluer in your images. With Color by Words, you can select a few phrases from an easy drop-down menu, such as "make skin tones slightly warmer" or "make red-orange colors less red," and presto – your images print as you desire.

Fine-tune printouts without changing the file.

Make last-minute color corrections when you print, without going back to square one to manipulate source files. You don't even need the original image to make adjustments.

Original image

Make color corrections:
Skin tone colors a lot more pink

Make color improvements:
Sky-blue colors considerably less hazy

Change only select colors.

You can tweak one color in an image without affecting the rest of the page. Color by Words lets you select only the specific color or area you want. The rest of the page will print as the original file.

How does it work?
Xerox color scientists conducted focus groups and thousands of experimental observations to learn how people describe and distinguish between colors and shades. People were surprisingly consistent in their use of color language.

The scientists used special colorimeters to associate numbers with attributes of light and dark, color names and vividness. This is the basis of Color by Words software, which can create more than 50,000 possible color variations of a single picture.

But you don't need to know how it works — or any color science at all — to get your images to print the way you want. You only need to choose common words and phrases from a few pull-down menus.